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    Realistic/Modern Lollipop Characters

    Please have a realistic fc!! Just post your character sheet below! Don't forget to add the role of your character. You will also have to stay in the 16-18 age limit, unless you want to be a teacher.. please include: age weight height homeroom "possy" likes dislikes bio personality
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    lollipop○ There are these group of boys in your school, they are kind of...well, their testosterone levels are quite high. They like to run around the halls in between classes and cat call at any girl who walks their way. There isn't much to their game other than to mess around and have fun for...
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    Digital my art dump

    this is the true definition of art
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    Multiple Settings ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* On yet another search *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    Here I go again, looking for more roleplay partners since majority of the roleplays have died. You probably want to know more about me so here it is: I live in EST and only get on during the weekdays ( 7:00-3:00 ). If necessary, I will go on the weekends. I prefer to roleplay over Pm's since...
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    Stuck™ - Now open

    Kuro Kita, the average, brown haired boy, with brown eyes, and pale skin. He wasn't proud of his looks or his personality, he just wanted to learn and move on with life, without anyone standing in his way. That meant he had no time for romance or any sort of romantic relationships. He was the...
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    Stuck™ - Introduction

    I was your average guy, no one was really fond of me but I could care less, as long as my work wasn't affected, my life was complete. People didn't know but I had been holding in my emotions, I was gay and proud to be gay, no one knew that of course, they would make a big deal out of it.. Oh...
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    dAnK mEmE bAtTlE

    This is how it goes: You but out meme the person above you Send your dankest meme thank you and good day
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    Describe the avatar above you.

    Yeah let's go
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    Help CS help

    So, I've been trying to get into making character sheets and stuff but I'm completely clueless on how to do it, are there any tips that can help me learn the basics of making a character sheet?
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    ℘ Characters

    /coded by allure/Park Yeong-Ho[basic information] name; Park Yeong-Ho age; 23 sexuality; bisexual birthdate; september 15th {slide=Devil Child}With just a simple touch of his index finger, I had now become the child of the devil, a heathen in disguise, a reckless being with no motives.{/slide}...
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    Realistic/Modern Does anyone want to roleplay? - Ignore Prefix -

    Hello! I am looking for a fairly active roleplay partner. I would prefer if you wrote about 3 paragraphs for the beginning of the roleplay then narrowed down to two or one. Of course sometimes that isn't always possible, it happens to the best of us. and that will narrow down as the roleplay...
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    ❥ T H O M A S

    "So, you think you're better than me?" {slide=170|open||center|} His name is Thomas, beware as you approach him, he will rip up your heart in minutes, or seconds even. He is known as the town's heart breaker since he's most likely slept with everyone in the town. Though he may seem innocent...
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    Character Sheets //Template\\

    (Insert Image) "Quote" - General Information - Name Gender Sexual Orientation Romantic Orientation Age Birth Date Zodiac Sign Chinese Zodiac Sign "Quote" (Image) - Personality - General Personality Anger Sadness Happiness Jealousy Relaxation "Quote" (Image) - This or That...
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    ☢ S A M U E L ☢

    Name Samuel A. Laurence Age 20 Weight 99 lbs Height 5'3" Birthday January 7th Personality/Backstory Samuel is very skittish, he was left on his own as a child on his parent's barn, only being 4 years old, he didn't know how to survive on his own. He was soon found by a rescue team who...
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    ♚ M A I N C H A R A C T E R ♚

    ❥ Name: Jay ❥ Age: 24 ❥ Gender: Male ❥ Sexuality: Bisexual ❥ Birthday: November 14th ❥ Height: 5'7" ❥ Weight: 124 lbs ❥ Personality: Quiet and shy, usually found at libraries or sitting alone at a bar at around midnight.
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    Fandom Killing Stalking Continued.

    If anyone has read Killing Stalking and know where it left off, I would like to continue it. Of course the sexual parts set aside due to the guidelines. Personally I would prefer to play as Yoonbum but I can play Sangwoo. I would like to stick to the plot - the police letting them go and things...
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    Fantasy - Trapped -

    By the way this is for a 1x1 roleplay.. Muse A and Muse B were strangers, they worked together but never had the desire to talk to one another, they occasionally sent glances to each other but that was the most interaction they had. It wasn't until Muse A was on a walk, he had a feeling that...
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    Answered Help!

    So for some reason the Looking for a Partner forum isn't showing up for me, I haven't done anything wrong, I literally just joined today. Is there anyone who knows what's going on and how I can fix it? oh never mind
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    Other If you had a super power, what would it be?

    Personally I would have the power of shape shifting because I could be on any level of the food chain and could train my dogs how to behave around other dogs. :closed eyes open smile:
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    Hello ! ! My name is...well that's not important. I'm new to rpnation and I'm still learning how to navigate on this site. I am from Amino, that's where I roleplay the most. I hope you can treat me well!