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    Code - I 0 0 [Action/Drama/Survival Superpowered Interest Check] {ONE SLOT OPEN}

    I'll post mine later, been busy with school.
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    SCP: Lost Squad [FULL]

    It's unfortunate that it's full, I'm interested since I'm a SCPF fan so message me if there is an available spot. Thanks.
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    Nation Building Human Dawn - 2451 - Sheets

    "Advance with Knowledge and Power" Name: The Empire of Japan Capital: Tengoku Official Languages: Japanese, English Demonym: Japanese Government: Mixed Constitutional and Absolute Monarchy Population: 7,678,273,133 Currency: Imperial Yen Summary: The Idea of Imperialism began to rise in...
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    Futuristic Glory To The Empire! [CS]

    Name: Kiel Schneizer Ventrius, Successor to the Lord Admiral and De Facto Leader of House Ventrius Class: Fleet Commander Gender: Male Age: 5700 Appearance: Personality: Kiel is a cold and decisive person and he never hesitates to sacrifice troops or ships to accomplish his goals. He...
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    Glory To The Empire! RP [Closed]

    Interested. May I know who's playing the Arch-Prince?
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    Human Dawn - 2451

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    Fantasy Kingdom of the Wicked - Characters

    Wip Name: Hendrick True Name: Hendrick Umbrasia Servos Morsia Arcanis Archeron Age: ? Role and service: Head Butler, Overseer of Shadow Guards Appearance: Bio: Personality: (Optional) Extras: (Optional) Weapon and items: Power(s): (What is the power unique to your character?) Class:
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    Kingdom of the wicked [Still accepting]

    I'd like to be the mysterious Head Butler.
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    Kingdom of the wicked [Still accepting]

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    Fantasy Forget Me So Discussion

    Interested in playing a character who was one of the greatest archer but then disappeared after a major conflict and was presumed dead. He was injured and stumbled upon the village and would then work in the village as a woodcutter who cuts wood everyday.
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    Forget Me So Village: a small fantasy tale

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    Nation Building The Republic of Lyceria (OOC)

    Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
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    Nation Building The Republic of Lyceria (OOC)

    Is there a discord or something?
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    The Next Dark Age

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    Nation Building An Empire Reborn CS

    WIP Name: White Palace Motto: "Pure as white" Primary Colours: White and Blue Type of Government: White Palace is led by the Palace Head and assisted by 4 High Elders who together can veto the decisions of the Palace Head. Faction Capital: Castle White Leaders/important characters: Map of land...
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    An Empire Reborn

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    Legends of Xeria - Fantasy Adventure RP