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  1. Congenial Organism

    Help Wasn't sure how to look for this: multiple images/text inside div

    yep! That's actually the post I used as reference but the issue I ran into was that some of the text I ended up putting in the div's either hovered or got smashed outside the div after the post re-positioned after pressing submit. I'm wanting to do that (sugarvine's post) but with a black...
  2. Congenial Organism

    Help Wasn't sure how to look for this: multiple images/text inside div

    I got it to partially work inside a private workshop test... although the code is extremely messy and I'm not sure how I originally got it to work as all semblance of what the code used to be is gone... But with the example Ictora? posted the text is still transparent
  3. Congenial Organism

    Help Wasn't sure how to look for this: multiple images/text inside div

    Hello! Just wondering if someone could provide an example of putting multiple images ontop of each other with different opacity's without effecting text inside the frame? I'm trying to draw a black background with a transparent image over it that also has a transparent gif over that without...
  4. Congenial Organism

    Comment by 'Congenial Organism' in media 'ezgif2.gif'

    ?? it's meant to look that way. I'm trying something with the bbcode
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  8. Congenial Organism

    Closed BBCode/CSS Sublime?

    Thank you Fyuri <3
  9. Congenial Organism

    Closed BBCode/CSS Sublime?

  10. Congenial Organism

    :wave: congrats on your promo!

    :wave: congrats on your promo!
  11. Congenial Organism

    Closed BBCode/CSS Sublime?

    Can you give me an example? I'm using Nobr but what do you mean?
  12. Congenial Organism

    Closed BBCode/CSS Sublime?

    I'm not advanced enough to make a plugin myself so I wouldn't know the first thing about how to adapt XML, and I was just hoping someone had already thought of this and conveniently made such a plugin lol. Is there a way to nullify a line of code or note-ify it? So I can at least make it easy to...
  13. Congenial Organism

    Closed BBCode/CSS Sublime?

    @Fyuri @Alteras Sorry to tag you two in particular but you are the only two I can think of who would know something like this or be able to help... I was wondering if there was a RPNation Syntax plugin for Sublime? Or if there are any tools in general that would make reading the site's bbcode...
  14. Congenial Organism

    Help How to get this effect with bbcode? (new dark update)

    I really like this new Dark Theme look however, I was curious if there was a way to get this effect: but with bbcode/css? Notice it slightly glows
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  16. Congenial Organism

    Help BBCode and CSS: Anyone available on Discord today?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone was available to answer some questions about CSS/BBCode today? I have a big project and I want to get a bulk of it done today. I'll probably only need to ask some questions like "what's the syntax for this" kind of thing. If anyone is available today let me know!
  17. Congenial Organism

    Recovering a Broken Heart D&D 5e

    I don't meant to be rude but it's been nearly two weeks since I heard anything I assumed you gave up on the rp or something. So I started making my own I don't know that I have time for this RP anymore...
  18. Congenial Organism

    The Murder at Hecate Academy

    Thank you I've just recently picked up programming and am dedicating a large portion of my time to the understanding of it. Plus I have my own roleplay I'm trying to develop - and I am trying to get a basic understanding of bbcode and CSS on the site so my own RP can look as amazing as possible...
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    The Murder at Hecate Academy

    @GamerKitty205 I will have to drop this, sorry for the wait
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    I heart for no reason

    I heart for no reason