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  1. Winter Saint

    Genesis: The Story of Angel Akino-Knight

    This RP is similar to what Arrow is, but on a different scale. My character Angel was stranded on the Mystical Mountains of Miseria in South America, after being kidnapped at the age of 10. Now 19 he is finally able to return home, where his home town of New Babylon is way different and worse...
  2. Winter Saint

    YJ Brave New World Main Story

    Jupiter Island, Florida July 4, 2021 Nightwing was generally nonplussed by most things in life nowadays. After the loss of his best friend, the young Bat had retreated into himself. The Team had been disbanded, once the kids had grown, join the League instead. Nightwing had been personally...
  3. Winter Saint

    Fandom Young Justice: Brave New World OCC Chatroom

    We discuss various thing in here that abide by the Rules of RPN. We have fun, chat, plot, joke etc.
  4. Winter Saint

    Fandom Young Justice: Brave New World SHEET

    Full Name: Alias: Age: (Preferring 14-19 years of age) Team Member they're replacing?: Gender: Sexuality: Species: Allegiance: Appearance: (Please describe using at least 4 sentences, not just adjectives) Face Claim [if able]: Civilian Attire/Hero Attire: Personality: (Again, not just...
  5. Winter Saint

    Young Justice RP!

    With this I wanna go two ways: The time has come where the sidekicks of Earth's greatest heroes to join together in the first step of becoming full fledged members of the league. Set in Season one of young Justice and completely OC based, where we create our very own story and path. Become the...