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  1. Countofcristo

    Multiple Settings Guess what I'm looking for?

    Hi, I'm looking for a short term or long term partner, I'm looking for someone who writes and expects around 1-2 paragraphs a post maximum, I have a bunch of ideas for plots but I'm really craving a bromance detective plot. Other than that I like modern, medieval and medieval fantasy. I'm 16 so...
  2. Countofcristo

    Multiple Settings Looking for non-romance focused, not vampire and not fandom roleplaying

    I'd like medieval, medieval fantasy or modern slice of life, I do up to two paragraphs a post. I don't have much too say so PM me or reply to this.
  3. Countofcristo

    Advice/Help Any other good rp sites?

    As much as I like this site, most of the rps are either jammed with people or about fandoms/vampires. So does anyone know any other good roleplaying sites similar to this one? Thanks in advance.
  4. Countofcristo

    Multiple Settings Any kind of rp

    I want an rp of just about any kind, but there are a few things I won't do, no fandom, no vampire stuff and no plots which are exclusively made for romance. I type a paragraph or two a post, but it really depends on you, I like medieval fantasy and modern slice of life but I'll take anything. PM...
  5. Countofcristo

    Realistic/Modern Robin Hood ooc

    I mean...the title explains this.
  6. Countofcristo

    Fantasy Robin Hood CS

    Name: Age: Role: Occupation (If commoner): Appearance (Picture preferred): Gear: Bio: Personality: Skills: Family:
  7. Countofcristo

    Robin Hood Roleplay

    This roleplay takes place in the realm of the original Robin Hood, with the outlaws having been in the Sherwood forest for a few years now, you may play as an outlaw, an innocent civilian, a member of the church or one of the sheriffs men. It will form it's own story, just in the setting of it...
  8. Countofcristo

    Fantasy Looking for rp partner

    Hi, I'm looking for a rp partner who enjoys fantasy or realistic medieval, I'm open to other types but those would be best, I'm a 16 year old canadian, so I won't be super active during weekdays until around 3:30. I write about a paragraph or two a post, but it really depends on how much the...
  9. Countofcristo

    Robin Hood Roleplay

    Hey, so this rp would take place in the setting of the original Robin Hood, Sherwood forest and all that. People could play outlaws, soldiers or townspeople and we'd create our own stories, just influenced by the base plot of Robin Hood. I'd also want people to play the key characters like the...
  10. Countofcristo

    Realm of Ver interest check

    This is a fantasy roleplay that involves any kind of magic and has a designed religion, there is more stuff written for lore but this is the basics. Any and all feedback is appreciated. The roleplay takes place in a large continent with a separate, smaller island for Nodia. The roleplay would...
  11. Countofcristo

    Hello folks!

    Hi, I'm CountofaSmallIlsland or Count for short. I'm a 16 year old from Canada who loves medieval and fantasy roleplays, but also enjoys the occasional slice of life. I am mainly active after school and weekends, so please don't expect fast responses from me during weekdays, also I'm not a three...