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  1. NeverBacksDown

    Fandom Looking for RP partner (Multiple Different Anime Inside)

    Rules No Mary/Gary-sues. No one is perfect. Please don’t make everyone fall in love with you. I’m okay with love triangles, I’m okay with having up to three or four people liking your OC, but more than that is a little excessive. I think that’s fair, if not let me know and we can have an adult...
  2. NeverBacksDown

    Realistic/Modern Seeking RP Partner!

    Storyline Of all the places to end up, it was here. Igarashi High was the school that the 'rejects' were sent to. If a kid was kicked out of school for fighting, or any sort of bad behavior Igarashi High was their destiny. Igarashi was known as a lot of different things; 'school of rejects,'...
  3. NeverBacksDown


    I am new to RpNation, however I have been roleplaying for a few years. I'm looking forward to learning more about this site. I usually only roleplay in anime form. Meaning that I like to use anime characters for looks, and roleplay actual anime shows, and I have a lot of original storylines I've...