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  1. CardinalPotato

    Kokoro Rainbow

    Name: Kokoro Rainbow Age: 17 Appearance:  Sexuality: Bisexual Dere Type: Dandere Strengths: Drawing, being quiet, creativity, playing card games  Weaknesses: Being social, people in general, relationships, friends  Backstory: Kokoro grew up with a distant father and a mother...
  2. CardinalPotato

    Xenra Rainbow

    Full Name: Xenra Rainbow Appearance:  Age: 16 Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Crimes: Exploded a high school for absolutely no good reason except the fact that her boss would eaten her alive, murdered a lot of people... Mental State: She's in the verge of...
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    OOC Chat

    Questions, comments, concerns? It's an OOC chat. Do whatever you like, I guess. 
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    Main Thread

    The big huge group rp is on here. 
  5. CardinalPotato

    Insanity Camp (Open For Pretty Much Forever)

    <p> RULE TIME!!! 1. No OP characters. 2. No Mary Sues. 3. Please use OOC chat for OOC conversation. 4. Stay within rules of the site. (I'm sure that means PG-13 or lower) 5. Cussing is totally allowed. Any cuss word, I won't get onto you. 6. Please respect other roleplayers. 7. Well, of...
  6. CardinalPotato

    Insanity Camp (Open For Pretty Much Forever)

    <p> The sign-up minimum goes: <strong>Name: Age: Appearance: Personality: Bio/Reason at Camp: Magical Abilities: </strong>(If no magic, put N/A) You may have a teacher, just specify which subject you'd like. Students may be any kind of variation (Varitaion means human, part human, part of any...
  7. CardinalPotato

    Insanity Camp (Open For Pretty Much Forever)

    <p> Welcome to Insanity Camp! The camp where insane people go to become reformed and non-insane! Here, anyone who is insane will live in these prison-like grounds. They take classes on how to be normal. Classes include Manners, Music, Magic, Art, Safety, Cooking, and more. </p>
  8. CardinalPotato

    Insanity Camp (Open For Pretty Much Forever)

    <p> It's an OOC chat. Add Questions, Comments, and Concerns please! </p>