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  1. NextGenRolePlayer

    Other Writing prompt suggestions? (and writing discussion, too...)

    Hey guys. Just a guy who wants to practice his writing skills with simple prompts and such. I was wondering if you guys have some suggestions for writing prompts. Namely, prompts concerning character interactions. It's writing characters talking to each other and testing their chemistry. Of...
  2. NextGenRolePlayer

    Other What's your favorite video game challenge runs?

    Things like the Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge or The Legend of Zelda Three-Heart-Challenge are some popular challenge runs. What kind of challenge runs do you guys like? Which and how many challenges have you done? For me, I'm doing the Legend of Zelda Three-Heart Challenge in Wind Waker. I...
  3. NextGenRolePlayer

    Other Are Don Bluth’s games actually great?

    I’m talking about Space Ace and Dragon’s Lair games that were in the arcade. Since I’ve never played it myself, I’ll be assuming most of you guys played it and have your own opinion on it. They look fantastic and seem to be challenging to play. Just try to be civil here.
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    Other Have There Been Any Completed Roleplays?

    I haven't had a completed roleplay or have been in one. What I'm asking is has the actually been a completed RP where there is nothing more to add?
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    Other Unpopular Opinions

    What are your unpopular opinions? You know, an opinion that not many has heard about. Here's mine: I do not like the Call of Duty franchise. Or just major shooting games. It's usually the community or just the game in general.
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    Anime & Manga Pokemon 20th Anniversary Movie

    Okay, let's discuss some topics. Something that is peeved me is that people hate the movie because there won't be Brock and Misty in the movie.
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    Literature What are your favorite plots?

    Plots stem from saving the princess to fighting bad guys. What kind of plots do you like? Bonus: If you were going to write a story, what kind of plot would you use?
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    Other Arguments That You Hate & Why

    What are some arguments that you hate hearing or seeing numerous times? Arguments like "It's just for kids" are an example of an argument I'm specifically talking about. Explain why? -Keep political debates out of this -Don't call out any other users -This is a civil discussion, don't fight in...
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    I'm Back 3: The Return of that One Guy

    hello people, I am back to roleplay!
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    Futuristic Saving Humanity and Monsterkind (Character Submit)

    The Ghost King and his colleagues has decided to choose those who are flawed but strong-willed and can be developed into great heroes through time. Character Sheet: Name: Appearance (Image perferred): Age: Sexuality: Personality: Backstory/Bio: Strengths: Weaknesses: Theme Song (Optional)...
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    Saving Humanity and Monsterkind (Sci-Fi and Classic Horror Movies)

    To be clear, this isn't a Undertale Roleplay. The monsters don't end at just classic horror movies, it also includes the "Spooky Scary Skeletons". A species of monsters that are just cheerful and dance all the time. You guys could add some other monster too...
  12. NextGenRolePlayer

    Back from Death (Not Literally)

    Hey guys, I'm back and better to Roleplay than ever before! Though, I want to know what Roleplay I could join.
  13. NextGenRolePlayer

    Arin "Player One" Genesis

     PlayerOne has signed on "Oh hello PlayerOne, I'm so glad you came. Let's begin the interview. What's your real name? First and last please."  "Usually the first question of every interview. Okay, my real name is Arin Genesis. But, I would like to be referred as Player One!" "Ah, I...
  14. NextGenRolePlayer

    Adventurers Guild RolePlay

    Adventurers Guild. That's a name that you have been thinking about for a while. Located in the center of an annoying, destructive quarrel between the four kingdoms. But, the center is a beautiful place! The guild's manor lives with a peaceful town with lovely people. Plenty of resources...
  15. NextGenRolePlayer

    Fantasy Character Sign Up! (Adventurers Guild RP)

    Here's the character sheet! You could add anything else if you want.  :)  You could do to at least two OCs for now. Name: Age: Species: Gender: Appearance (description or picture): Personality (use descriptive sentences!): Magic or abilities (optional): Weapons: Brief...
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    Need partners for this RP

    I need partners for RP I put up!
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    Adventurers Guild (Medieval/Fantasy RP)

    Welcome to Adventurers Guild! Located in between the four kingdoms: Chaos Kingdom, Flaming Ice Kingdom, Sleepy Castle, and  the Holy Empire. Tryouts are coming soon! Ranks: Rookie-Bronze Beginner-Silver Explorer-Gold Adventurer-Diamond Grandmaster...
  18. NextGenRolePlayer

    Jacob Matthew Star

    Name: Jacob Matthew Star Nickname: Small Guy **Species: Hybrid (Human/Alternians) **Abilities: He has the abilities that Alternians have, superhuman jump, and able to fix most difficult technology. Age: 14 Gender: Male Appearance:  Personality: Though he's a teenager, he has...
  19. NextGenRolePlayer

    Hunter Hawthorne

    Name: Hunter Hawthorne  Race: Human Age: 24 Magic if any: Seith Magic (spirit magic) Weapon if any: A silver sword that can turn into a whip (adds as a grappling hook). Twin pistols Theme song: 1st theme 2nd theme Bio: Born and the...
  20. NextGenRolePlayer

    ~Cliché Gaming~ Role Play

    A new game has been released named, Cliche Gaming. Which features every video game genre! Of course, it seems awesome! But, every single player gets stuck in the game. The only way to escape is to beat the final level. You also earn the title, "Master Gamer"! Please don't sue the company who...