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  1. BlueWendigo

    Other If you could be any animal (even fictional) what would you be?

    I would be a wolf. I get a tight nit family and I get to be a canine
  2. BlueWendigo

    Other Most loved Character you made?

    My favorite character made so far was a sci-fi techie hacker. The game was a high sci-fi transhuman universe. This allowed me to experiment with the way the character looked. They were not confined to the coils that made them male, female or other (since you could be a robot or even various...
  3. BlueWendigo

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone, my name is BlueWendigo. I am a college student who enjoys creating stories for people to take part in. I have played many systems from fantasy to high scifi. Some of my favorite systems have been Eclipse Phase and D&D. At the moment I am looking for players to join me in discord...