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  1. The Patchwork Onion

    Multiple Settings Onion Hunting.(open)

    Hello there! I am looking for a semi long term RP partner. Right away Im going to Reject any "Two paragraphs minimum" Rules. I will (usually) post however much I think will progress the story In some way. I live in the western pacific time zone and my sleep schedule is erratic at best. Fandoms...
  2. The Patchwork Onion

    The anomalie

    Barry flicked through the CD's, his face sinking more and more into a scowl. Nothing was new, ever. Same music, same books, same pretty much goddamn everything. He pulled out a few of his more preferred audio books and headed to the new releases, the non-fiction, and finally the occult. Though...
  3. The Patchwork Onion

    Fantasy Looking for someone to Rp with

    Im looking to join an rp. Generally I go for fantasy or sci-fi but if you have any ideas or want to start something up lemme know.
  4. The Patchwork Onion

    Enter the onion

    Hello there! I am a semi experienced RPer who has recently been introduced to this website. Im not very good at reaching out so feel free to PM me or Drop a Invite Here in this thread if you want to roleplay. I generally do fantasy or sci-fi roleplays but im open to ideas. Onion Out