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  1. IG42


    Sitting down at a metal picnic table Cirrus summoned up an oversized Ursa arm over his right and slammed it into the table ready to wrestle leaving a dent. "Rules are simple first person who's hand touches the table, or the ground if the table doesn't survive loses. Winner stays on, cheating and...
  2. IG42

    Mastery of the Mundane

    Beacon Academy may be legendary for training young men and women to battle monsters and the forces of evil but it is also still a school so along with combat techniques, Grimm studies and weapon maintenance our future intrepid Huntsmen and Huntresses will also be provided with classes teaching...
  3. IG42

    Cross Platform Monster Hunter Gathering Hall

    Whaddup fellow Huntahs! Since I finally couldn't resist picking up World I thought we could use a thread for assembling groups if anyone needs a hand or just wants to muck around. Just call out which platform you're on, your Hunter rank, anything specific you might be gunning for and session ID...
  4. IG42

    Info Linking work on other sites

    Yello! I've taken to writing some solo work (alright yes it's a fanfic, eee bad words) which I've posted on and I'm dying for more critique but I wanted to check it would be appropriate to mention in the Creativity forum and not just shameless advertising.
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    Switch Legend of You: Breath of the Wild

    Welcome intrepid explorers (or random browsers)! I just thought it would be fun to have a thread to chat about the epic, funny or stupid things we've seen and done in our roaming across Hyrule. Also how infuriating that gyroscope puzzle was. To get us started I had that quintessential open...
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    Dusk Elias Leonfeld

    Appearance: Often hides his Faunus ears under a beanie hat. Wears long sleeves to cover Grimm scars.  Name: Dusk Elias Leonfeld Age: 16 Color relation to name: Dusky (XD) purple Alignment: Good Faunus: Coyote (canine ears) Weapon name and description: Royal Flush; A set of...
  7. IG42

    Farrill x Shy

    Rank C Farrill: Ugh this hunt is taking way too long. How can it be this hard to-  *Arrow whizzes by*  Gyahh! Bandits, hunters! Hunting bandits! Shy:  Tch. Missed? That's highly unusual. Here... Let me just nock another arrow... Now aim... Careful.. Come here kitty... *licks lips*...
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    NAME: Ephraim AGE: 23 GENDER: Male APPEARANCE:  HEIGHT: 6'2" WEIGHT: 193 lbs CLASS: Great Lord WEAPON PROFICIENCY: Lances: A Stats:  Health: 71 Str: 40 Magic: 3 Skill: 35 Speed: 33 Luck: 31 Defense: 36 Resistance: 10 SKILLS:   Outdoor...
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    NAME: Farrill AGE: 17 GENDER: Male APPEARANCE: HEIGHT: 5'8" WEIGHT: 138 lbs CLASS: Taguel WEAPON PROFICIENCY: Beastones: D SKILLS:  Desperation: Personal skill, when boxed in by enemies attacks affect all adjacent foes.  Acrobat: Terrain does not hinder...
  10. IG42

    Prince Seth

    Appearance: Name: Prince Seth Hamilton Sidonia Nicknames: N/A Age (14+): 16 Sexuality: Heterosexual? (bi-curious) Height: 5'8" Weight: 133 lbs Personality: While laid back almost to the point of laziness Seth is driven to act by two things; his sense of duty and...
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    Nintendo Switch WAT?!

    NX revealed and minds blown Thoughts people? Fire away!
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    Adel Aaltonen

    Name: Adel Aaltonen Age: 16 Training Ranking: 9th Branch: Survey Corps Likes: Adel is a natural tinkerer who is often found dismantling "scrap" Manoeuvring Gear or even fiddling with Thunder Spears and other explosives, he is quite capable of working for a few days straight as long...
  13. IG42

    Akago Gaiden: The Kazekage's Return

    Sunagakure (17 Months Later)   Nearly a year and a half after it's destruction large swathes of the burned village had been cleared and replaced with a patchwork of tents and buildings at various stages of completion. In the centre stood the rebuilt Kazekage's office though it hadn't...
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    Nickname:  Shuck Pokemon: Houndoom 229 Gender: Male Type(s): Dark Fire Nature: Naughty Age: 62 Birthday: 10/8 Long-term Goal/Dream: "Eh maybe settle down with a nice girl...of guy, we'll see how it goes." Quotes from your character: "You know the world could end...
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    Nickname:  Yew Pokemon: Mewtwo 150 Gender: Male Type(s): Psychic Psychic/Fighting (Mega X) Nature: Serious Age: 88 Birthday: February 6 Quotes from your character: "Mother stop mucking around!" "Please Mother this is serious!" [Wordless exclamation of frustration]...
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    [SAO:Tales of Aincrad]Alwyn

    "Link....Start!" Welcome to Sword Art Online. Please...Insert your basic information into the system. Real Name: Alexander Wright Username: Alwyn Age: 20 Gender: Male Height: 6'7" Appearance IRL: Tell us a little about yourself. Personality: Generally acts in a polite...
  17. IG42

    "The British are Coming!"

    Gooooood Evvveninnng Ladies and Gentlemen i am as it says on the left IG42 <(is that subscript?) I am a novice RP'er but hey i'm looking to get started. Perfectly happy with Fantasy and Sci-fi, modern not so much. I'm a bit obsessed over a well built world, expect me to ask for way too...