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    Digital Swarx's Zombie Universe Firearms

    Survivor Man cool zombie guns guide
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    PC Anybody play Kenshi?

    The lore is really weird and hard to explain, but I love it. It's an oriental post-apocalyptic world, sorta like Mad Max, but with robots and monsters, and katanas and crossbows instead of guns. You're not really bound to any specific plot, and the world doesn't really care about your...
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    Food the machine gave me 2 candy bars instead of 1

    haha fuck you i am god's chosen
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    World Building swarx maps

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    Futuristic Tyrannicide [Nacre]

    Tyrannicide You are Eden Holliday, a Sanctarian Orthodox citizen assigned to the General-Class Quadrant of Ablicar Urbzone. You are a technico working for a privately-owned (but government-contracted) company called MechNat, which specializes in simple drones for industry and policing. Your...
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    Futuristic Looking for players [Dystopian, DMed]

    Basically, a DMed roleplay set in a post-apocalyptic, semi-futuristic universe where you attempt to survive a war-torn dystopian hellhole, ruled by a totalitarian government. You can play as a person with cybernetic enhancements/mutation-derived powers if you want. There can be a romantic...
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    Futuristic Tyrannicide (Dystopian 1x1)

    Basically, a 1x1 DMed roleplay where you assume the role of a lost individual in a dystopian society. You'll have to assign some kind of purpose to their life; I won't dictate what it is. Maybe they want to escape society, stage an uprising, join an organization, reunite with someone, seek...
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    Digital Futuristic Weapons

    Weapons for a dystopian universe, Tyrannicide. Ammo Types (Standard) Lite Pistol Heavy Pistol Lite Rifle Heavy Rifle Sniper Rifle Shotshells Ammo Types (Special) Pulse Cartridges Plasma Cartridges Ferromagnetic Cartridges Flechettes BombRounds Grenade Types Frag Shock Chemical Incendiary...
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    Realistic/Modern OVERCAST: Malcontent

    Music OVERCAST You are Alec "Frost" Jaeger , and you are a citizen living within the dysfunctional Central Clean Sector. The chaos of the initial outbreak has since become hazy to you, as it all occurred many years ago. Martial law was declared, and evacuation points were set up...
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    Other Trying to make a dystopian city with a DnD dungeon generator

    Does anybody know of any programs that are easy to apply to MS paint or I'm using Donjon Dungeon Generator atm, but the rooms are still wonky-looking.
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    World Building The NPA *Lore* [Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic] -WIP-

    The flag of the Central Republic The dead were being brought back to life, and nobody knew why. In the third month of the outbreak of Reanimatory Necrosis, the Capital was under siege by the undead. The Capital had held out longer than other major cities, as it was specifically turned into a...
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    Nation Building Overcast: The Naturalists

    OVERCAST Don't look at this map if you are not this thread's participant. (No metagaming.) RESOURCES Rings ($) x 502 Rations x200 Fuel x20 Components x30 Scrap x35 Wood x20 Medicine x18 Alcohol x75 Misc. trade goods x40 TOOLS 3x toolboxes 5x shovels VEHICLES 4x motorcycles...
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    Digital Overcast: Firearms Information (Gun sprites)

    Weapons I use for my Interactive Faction roleplays. You are free to use/edit them for use in any of your roleplays, just credit me. Check out the concept for Interactive Faction RPs: System - Interactive Faction RPs (An alternative to Nation Building) To make these, I used: MS Paint
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    Realistic/Modern OVERCAST: Shaun Simply

    OVERCAST Don't look at this map if you are not this thread's participant. (No metagming.) Apparel -Jacket -Shirt -Trousers -Shoes Weapons -Snubby .22 revolver [6/6, 6/6, 6/6] -Pocket knife Other -Acoustic guitar + sling -Flip lighter -Bag of Wildwood Money, keys, papers -200 scrip...
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    Interactive Faction RPs (An alternative to regular Nation Building)

    This isn't a roleplay in and of itself. Rather, it is a set of guidelines and concepts that I have developed over the past few years, which can be utilized and applied to different ideas. People are free to use and edit this concept for their own threads. Basically, Interactive Factions focuses...
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    System Interactive Faction RPs (Style of Nation Building)

    Let me know what you think of this concept! Feel free to make suggestions, ask questions, and, of course, use this information to create roleplays of your own. Any of this can be edited to suit your own needs. So, basically, Interactive Faction Roleplaying is a method of strategy-type RP I...
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    Nation Building OVERCAST: Bradbury's Brigade

    OVERCAST Don't look at this map if you are not this thread's participant. (No metagaming.) RESOURCES Zone scrip ($) x3110 Rations x421 Fuel x50 Components x2 Scrap x0 Wood x35 Medicine x8 Alcohol x35 Misc. trade goods x45 TOOLS 4x toolboxes 1x generators 1x radio setup 8x...
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    Request pls draw my dystopian goon soldier 2.0

    YOU HAVE BEEN MANDATORILY COMMISSIONED BY THE STATE TO PRODUCE ARTWORK IN PROMOTION OF YOUR GLORIOUS MILITARY. Background: Army soldiers working under the auspices of a fascist government in a post-apocalyptic/dystopian zombie setting. During the crisis of the early outbreaks, 'securocrats'...
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    Nation Building OVERCAST: Mason's Rebellion

    OVERCAST Don't look at this map if you are not this thread's participant. (No metagming.) RESOURCES Rings ($) x 601 Zone scrip ($) x 7101 Rations x904 Fuel x67 Components x50 Scrap x40 Wood x0 Medicine x44 Alcohol x131 Misc. Trade Goods x100 TOOLS 8x toolboxes 4x chainsaws...
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    Nation Building OVERCAST: The Convicts

    OVERCAST RESOURCES Rings ($) x 1700 Rations x800 Fuel x80 Components x50 Scrap x140 Wood x20 Medicine x90 Alcohol x800 Misc. Trade Goods x200 TOOLS 10x toolboxes 20x shovels 6x chainsaws 1x generator 1x radio setup VEHICLES 8x dirtbikes 3x ATVs 7x sedans 6x pickup...