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  1. Scarletta Grimbrow

    Fandom Shady Crew - A roleplay where you live life as a member of Team Skull

    Just seeing if anyone would be interested in rping slice of life stuff in the Alola region of the Pokemon verse. At the moment, we are a group of three and have a Plumeria, Guzma, and an OC that is newly recruited. We would like to write things from the Team Skull perspective and have others...
  2. Scarletta Grimbrow

    Fandom Pokemon Verse: Looking for Long-term Romance Writing Partners!

    Hello, everybody! I'm looking for a few active people who wouldn't mind plotting and writing with me. I'm online nearly every day and am more than capable of posting at least once if not more on the daily. The only thing I require of my rp partners is that they let me know when they'll be away...
  3. Scarletta Grimbrow

    Fandom Pokemon Sun/Moon [Guzma x Plumeria]

    Hey! I sure am. If you'd like, I can send a starter or we can discuss.
  4. Scarletta Grimbrow

    Fandom Pokemon Sun/Moon [Guzma x Plumeria]

    I know I'm really late to the table for this one, but I recently replayed this game and am rping as Plumeria elsewhere. It is incredibly hard to find someone willing to rp Guzma, so I decided to try this site. Below is the story I had started to rp before my original partner lost their muse...
  5. Scarletta Grimbrow

    Fantasy Runescape Rp

    Hey everyone! I recently got back into Runescape after some time away from it and absolutely enjoy the lore within the game. I was wondering if anyone would like to roleplay either in-game or here. If you haven't played the game, I highly recommend you do so! I'll even help you out! Below is my...