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  1. cyberpvnk

    2 truths 1 lie

    1.) i haven't played among us 2.) i own 3 rabbits 3.) i'm broke didn't see anything above to guess : (
  2. cyberpvnk

    Other Random question of the day

    i'd steal for money, join the dark brotherhood, and eat a horrific amount of cheesewheels.
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  4. cyberpvnk

    Other Random question of the day

    three days. i was playing videogames during summertime, and i didn't technically have a time i was supposed to go to sleep. second longest was 2 days, because highschool hates my guts.
  5. cyberpvnk

    Other do you ever get mistaken for another age?

    it's simple! have people ever assumed you were younger or older than you really are? feel free to share any stories! ^^
  6. cyberpvnk

    Fandom HyrulesAngel's Fandom List

    i'll discuss in pms, if you don't mind ^^'
  7. cyberpvnk

    Fandom HyrulesAngel's Fandom List

    heya! i'd be interested in rping with you :0c
  8. cyberpvnk

    Other how'd you meet your [best] friend?

    i was a military kid, too! i think that's why it's so hard to meet people, because i know nothing ever lasts... it sounds really edgy, but it's true. i'm glad there was someone on here who happened to be in a similar situation :> in general, thanks for your replies, everyone! i just came back...
  9. cyberpvnk

    Other how'd you meet your [best] friend?

    unfortunately, i suffer from lonely bitch syndrome tm, and i really wish i could fix it. the only two people i currently have that i could consider friends constantly ignore me for months at a time, only talking to me after i triple message after seeing them online for the 400th time, which i...
  10. cyberpvnk

    Other Post a fact about yourself.

    anytime someone asks me to say something about myself, i forget who even i am.
  11. cyberpvnk

    Fandom Wow. SO original

    hello, mason! i'd love to do the walking dead if you're down for it!
  12. cyberpvnk

    Fandom closed!

    shoot me a pm and we can work the details out! :0
  13. cyberpvnk

    Fandom closed!

    ahh, it's been a while since I did marvel! I would probably be most comfy playing peter parker?
  14. cyberpvnk

    Fandom closed!