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  1. tense_

    Fantasy ~ Ⱳƴℓɖ ~ Interest check

    Looking to join if you'll have me
  2. tense_

    Multiple Settings Search for long-term writing partner/s (CLOSED)

    ROLE THE INTRO Hello! I’m Tense, or T. I’ve been roleplaying/forum writing for nearly 15 years and am especially fond of traditional fantasy and modern horror, though I have more specific interests listed below this intro. Before we get too far into this though I better throw up some ground...
  3. tense_

    Introduce Yourself!

    hello all, you can call me Tense or T. i hail from aussieland and have been roleplaying on and off for about 15ish years. i'm 28 now so it's been a slowly-developing craft which I like to think i'm quite good at. by day i'm animal attendant at a rescue and by night i play a lot of Baldur's...