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  1. The Fluffiest Floof

    Multiple Settings Seeking Partners! Updated! (Always Looking/Ignore Post Count)

    If you are looking for somebody to do a star wars OC/AU rp with you, i might be down for that. :3 Dm me if interested
  2. The Fluffiest Floof

    Fandom Destiny RP

    That's great to hear! Would you prefer me to dm you or how and where would you like to discuss this further?
  3. The Fluffiest Floof

    Fandom Destiny RP

    Im looking for a partner interested to have an rp in the world of Destiny. Sending ahead, i have only played Destiny 2, but have spent a significant amount of time reading its lore section. I found the world to be very interesting and would love to play an rp in it where we have our own story...
  4. The Fluffiest Floof

    Fandom Detroit: Become Human

    I dont assume you´d be interest in an rp focussed around OC´s in the D:BH universe? Aside from the actual game plot, i mean?
  5. The Fluffiest Floof

    Fantasy Medieval Fantasy Idea (MxF or even FxF)

    This looks like a looking for partner post and should therefore be posted in the looking for partner area, which can be found here. Looking for Partners
  6. The Fluffiest Floof

    Multiple Settings Looking for long-term partners (Always open)

    I´d be up for medieval fantasy
  7. The Fluffiest Floof

    Fantasy My First Search Thread Here

    you say you want a medieval style roleplay? And have a plot you´d like to play for a lady knight? I´d love to hear more.
  8. The Fluffiest Floof

    Multiple Settings Returned looking for some RP

    Despite what you mentioned there, would you be up to create a fantasy world, plot, rp from scratch?
  9. The Fluffiest Floof

    Fantasy Looking for 1x1 roleplay (Brainstorm)

    Not too much. Mind if i dm you, so we dont spam your thread?
  10. The Fluffiest Floof

    Fantasy Looking for 1x1 roleplay (Brainstorm)

    Hm, i was looking for a fantasy rp recently, preferably a 1x1. So if you are up for talking a bit, brainstorming, tell me.
  11. The Fluffiest Floof

    Fandom Detroit: Become Human

    I am interested, would you mind an OCxOC setting? I really love the setting and thoughts behind Detroit: Become Human, but i always feel a bit uncreative taking characters that already exist. I feel like having OC´s in a canon or canon-inspired setting gives us more freedom to create OUR rp...
  12. The Fluffiest Floof

    Fantasy Looking for a 1 on 1 RP

    Hello there! Are you still looking?
  13. The Fluffiest Floof

    Fantasy Long term partner search! (FxM)

    I have kind of an rp idea. Seeing that you search for fantasy roleplays and as i match what you are searching, i thought i´d say hello.
  14. The Fluffiest Floof

    Fandom Want to start your pokemon adventure? How far can you go?

    Im very interested, been looking for something like this for a while. I´m a total pokemon nerd and i have sadly never had the pleasure to experience an rp like this from the player, not the gm side, so it´d be great to hear from you ^^
  15. The Fluffiest Floof

    Fantasy i need a ((creative)) and ((literate)) partner CLOSED

    Hey there! I think we could get along great, shoot me a message if you wanna know more about me or even start discussing settings and plots!
  16. The Fluffiest Floof

    Multiple Settings Seeking Long Term, Active Rp Partner

    Wanna dm me and talk about if we should roleplay?
  17. The Fluffiest Floof

    Multiple Settings Hello friend! (Always looking)

    Hey there, would you be interested in a medieval fantasy roleplay? I think i can suit the criteria you wrote, i´d be up for either doubling or fxf, that´s up for discussion. I would love to make up a world and plot with you ^^ Dm me or just give me your discord tag if there´s an interest ^^
  18. The Fluffiest Floof

    Multiple Settings Looking for RP Friends~

    Im interested, though i play as a female. If you are interested nonetheless, pm me for talking and setting up.
  19. The Fluffiest Floof

    Multiple Settings {open} a little bit of everything? (almost)

    So i have a female mercenary/assassin character that could work for an assassin x assassin rp. :) Though i prefer lower fantasy settings, (think of lotr, my favorite movie(s) or anything comparable, with none or existing, but low magic).