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  1. Maci-Care

    Futuristic a wicked game

    / darius jori / add8e6 / outfit / Darius hung up the apartment key and tossed his phone on the counter before pulling out the cash he made today and counted his tips as he made his way to his room. Today was a good day when it came to working his day job, especially when the blonde cutie...
  2. Maci-Care

    Futuristic a wicked game

    / luciana morrison / ed2939 / outfit / Strolling at night was one of Luciana’s favorite hobbies to do, next to watching the Bachelor and doing crime. It was peaceful, relaxing, and most importantly, the easiest way to get away with doing not so legal things. People were more tired after a long...
  3. Maci-Care

    Introduce Yourself!

    Ello! I am Maci, and new to the site, though not new to forum RP. Came over following a few other friends! Can't wait to start writing with all y'all!