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  1. Jaedin

    Fandom Pokemon Academy: World!

    Evan Silver Location: PLA, Front Plaza Interactions: None Current Mood: Calm Evan expected a battle between the Headmaster and upcoming champion to battle, when another Senior, Daphne, went up and spoke. “No way! With all due respect Headmaster and I don’t know your relationship with this...
  2. Jaedin

    Fandom Pokemon Academy: World!

    When Jewel Masters came into the scene, Evan knew it was going to get heated, considering Shana was challenging the school. Then again, the headmaster was pretty cocky as well. "Crite told me to ask for Jewel Masters." And as expected, she asked for the top student at the academy. Who she then...
  3. Jaedin

    Fandom Pokemon Academy: World!

    Evan didn't want to go out today. It was too bright! Besides, he could go online and play with his Pokemon inside his room instead of go outside. Alas, today he had promised to go outside to get his new Froakie Jae to stop bugging him. So what if he didn't have many friends! So what if he...
  4. Jaedin

    Fandom Fate/Great Order: Veni Vidi Vici

    Steven Stone Hearing the good doctor's orders to come to the debriefing room, Steven finished up his meal, half of it sweets of course, and made his way to the debriefing room. Seeing that a motley of Servants and Masters have arrived before him, he felt a tad sheepish. Hopefully he wasn't...