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  1. CRrp

    Anime & Manga Your Most Hated Anime, ever

    Definitely bleach. I just don't care about anything happening. I can't attach to anyone because I just think their actions are so ridiculous, not like silly but just without any sense. I get really frustrated with stupidity.
  2. CRrp

    TV & Film What's your niche show or film that nobody seems to know about or enjoy?

    I feel like I'm constantly yelling at people about restaurant to another world. It's obviously an Isekai but it's so funny and also wholesome, like it's so jarring when they fanservice that it sends me and sister into fits of laughter everytime because the show is really about how good food made...
  3. CRrp

    Video Games Who liked LoZ Age of Calamity

    It's me and my sissy's go to game.