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  1. Tarumi

    Fandom MHA: Altered Stories[CS Page]

    Name: Popularly known as “Samuel”, Ethan J. Salazar is his full name. The origin of his name is certainly 'Curious' it turns out that his first name 'Ethan' was given by his parents after hearing the name of the child who was born the same day as Samuel, that's how the first name was of him was...
  2. Tarumi

    Fandom Viola Bay OOC

    Thanks, the truth is that I was busy for a long time learning how it worked. My native language is Spanish.
  3. Tarumi

    Fandom Viola Bay CS

    Name/Nickname: “Hawks', although it is a pseudonym which he himself appropriated, was born as a result of a very creative insult from one of the villagers from the first place, which Hawks visited, born as an insult, but being his current nickname and name. Age: Hawks is currently 17 years old...