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    Other Advice please?

    I think this issue can be solved with some tissues, wrapping them up or a small plastic box, depending on your exact needs particularly if you intend to keep smoking those “half-smoked cigars”.
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    Other My Life

    I will recommend the podcast Writing Excuses. I found it massively informative when it comes to structuring and thinking about my writing, and when I learn about writing I find it quite inspiring when it comes to forming ideas, or motivation at least. Maybe it will help you too. It’s free so...
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    Looking for Manga ideas?

    You're welcome :) Only the tip of the iceberg. But for any more I'd need more specifics about the friend.
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    Looking for Manga ideas?

    1. Ascension of a Bookworm is an excellent manga and one of my personal favorites. It's a adorable isekai slice of life whose main character is obsessed with books, however because she reincarnated into a medieval fantasy world, books aren't exactly easy to obtain and those that do exist aren't...
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    Opinion You can only choose 3

    My choices have been made.
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    Other My Life

    Disclaimer: this advise is coming from someone who essentially just graduated. I don't have the life experience, wisdom, nor professional qualifications to give advice to be followed uncritically. That being said these are my two cents: A) Do not put money into something on an ill-defined whim...
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    Other Random question of the day Rant

    That's perfectly understandable, it's quite an undertaking to try to write questions every single that. Kudos to you for keeping it up! If I may offer a word of advise though: ---> Try to avoid superlatives unless you have a very constricted selection of options. Like instead of asking "what's...
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    Other Random question of the day Rant

    Well, I can't speak for everyone, but here's why I didn't give any answers to those three: "Who is the dumbest person you've ever encountered on the internet?" -----> Superlative questions are hard to answer. Because there's a big gap between, say, something being very dumb and something being...
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    Opinion He knows if you've been bad or good...

    The whole "he'll leave you coal" was never really a thing, at least not with my family. We're more like "you'll get presents if you've been good, and will not get presents if you haven't". I guess there was some incentive, but then I ended up finding out very early on that Santa wasn't really...
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    Opinion how do you take your coffee in the morning?

    I don't, not normally anyway. I'm quite utilitarian when it comes to coffee, I try to drink it seldom (because drinking it too often makes the coffee less effective and you more tired in general) and drink it just at the right time to maximize how long the caffeine will help.
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    Chitchat Heaven's Design Team Discussion

    Agreed. The shippers will be all over them I bet.
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    Chitchat Heaven's Design Team Discussion

    Indeed XD
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    Chitchat Heaven's Design Team Discussion

    Absolutely! I think it also shows how cultures throughout history were also so connected to horses, considering that the names and comparisons weren't really all invented by this series.
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    Chitchat Heaven's Design Team Discussion

    Higuchi definitely has my vote in that regard. I love the commentary and explanations whenever she's on screen, and she has a pretty nice design, plus I think her job seems really cool.
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    Chitchat Heaven's Design Team Discussion

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    Chitchat Heaven's Design Team Discussion

    I "liked it before it was cool", which is to say I read (and loved) the manga XD
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    Other Shout Out the Homies!

    Unfortunately I can no longer claim credit for doing that, but nonetheless I am quite happy to know you think of me in such a great way. Despite some current limitations I have, I hope to continue to be able to live to your expectations :) Now, for some calls of my own: @AEONmeteorite This is...
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    Other What is a game series that you wish you could finish but don’t have time for?

    World of Warcraft. It's not exactly a game you can 'finish' but I would at least like to have more time to cover the significant single-player content. However, aside from already being a considerable time investment to begin with, the game has increasingly focused on requiring events you can...
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    Other Anyone wanna be friendos?&

    Hello fellow weeb, welcome and I’ll gladly take ya up on the friendship offer!
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    Congrats fellow soon-to-be driving student!