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  1. AkiraRyuu

    Fantasy Getting Back In The Groove of RP :)

    Hey! I've been RPing for close to 12 years now and I have been out of it for a minute as well! Will definitely be messaging you!
  2. AkiraRyuu

    Fantasy Just bored and need some more RPs (Opened again, this time to any pairing)

    Ok cool! No biggie! 😁 sorry I didn't know it was closed! I have other ideas but I'm itching for a chance to use Aria so I think I'll be alright! Thanks for letting me know!
  3. AkiraRyuu

    Fantasy Just bored and need some more RPs (Opened again, this time to any pairing)

    I roleplay almost EXCLUSIVELY fantasy so am interested. I have a mermaid that I haven't gotten to write for a while if you're interested in being the M in the MxF??? She is a clean slate (slightly ditzy, cuz shes never left the ocean) character-- meaning she has her own quirks and personality...
  4. AkiraRyuu

    Fantasy Trapped inside the Game (Looking for partner)

    Hiya! I have been in a rut of low creativity too and haven't done much in about a year (swept up by life and work!) If you're interested in roleplaying with this premise still I'd be SO down! I have lots of OC's to choose from that are all very well developed in their own right. Check my bio for...
  5. AkiraRyuu

    Realistic or Modern Weird Wacky Dream I Had last night

    I like the premise for this, I think it's cool you got this from a dream. My dreams are way too weird, lol. Im down.
  6. AkiraRyuu

    Realistic or Modern What would happen if I clicked here?

    The raid meme is the real seller here XD Just kidding! Ill pm you.
  7. AkiraRyuu

    Multiple Settings Whatever you are craving

    Heya! Seems interesting. I'll send you a PM and we can chat.
  8. AkiraRyuu

    Multiple Settings Romance- Open to ideas!

    Definitely! Love that idea. I'll Pm you!
  9. AkiraRyuu

    Multiple Settings Romance- Open to ideas!

    Sure, im down.
  10. AkiraRyuu

    Multiple Settings Romance- Open to ideas!

    So honestly quarantine and school have got me feeling real bored, and judging by the number of people coming back to the site it seems I'm not the only one. Anyway, I'm just looking for a person that feels like some romance(FxM ONLY) or fantasy or something (or both? Im down). More casual...
  11. AkiraRyuu

    Realistic or Modern Romance Rp

    Same, honestly. Quarantine has me beat! I'll shoot you a PM.
  12. AkiraRyuu

    Multiple Settings It's been a long.. long time.

    Ooh! Sounds interesting. OuO
  13. AkiraRyuu

    Fantasy Mermaids, Pirates & the High 7 Seas

    Aria was unaware of the storm as she sat on the ocean floor. She hummed a lovely tune as small fish and crabs scurried along. The impact of the waves on the boat caught Aria's attention as the shadow of the boat became quite prominent. Aria swims up just off the bottom of the ocean and thinks...
  14. AkiraRyuu

    Fantasy Mermaids, Pirates & the High 7 Seas

  15. AkiraRyuu

    Fantasy Mermaids, Pirates and the High 7 Seas

    Name: Aria Mizu Age: 23 Gender: Female Rank in mer-clan or ship's crew: currently, Outcast mermaid. (Shes unaware of much of her past) Appearance: Height:5"3 Build: slender (This is the closest to what she looks like in an anime picture. ) Personality (virtues & vices or paragraph form)...
  16. AkiraRyuu

    Multiple Settings The search for the perfect partner ✫Romance/Fantasy/Realistic✫ (closed)

    Heya! Im interested in the mermaid and pirate one, if thats still open ^^