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  1. Witchyy

    Digital Pretty boy

    mmmmmmmm I dunno which shading i like better if yall could help me out that would be great pl0x and thx u ;)))))
  2. Witchyy

    Digital Ms paint stuff

    I have such a soft spot for anything drawn in ms paint. The look is so nostalgic and charming for me since it's what I used when I just started drawing. Too bad it's so fucking tedious to draw in
  3. Witchyy

    Commission 25$ fullbody commissions (OPEN!!)

    Heya guys! I'm saving up for something big and I've set a money goal I want to achieve by the end of summer, so I've decided to open fullbody commissions to help! Please read my tos before inquiring! As stated in the title, they're 25$ for one character. Any extra characters would be an...
  4. Witchyy

    Digital Please help me with improving the outfit designs for my pmmm oc!

    Hello! This is an oc I've had for quite a while now, since late 2015. I've recently gotten off my lazy butt and started revamping her outfit designs after sitting on it for a couple years. I think I have a decent start, but I'm far from content with the outfits I've come up with, and would like...
  5. Witchyy

    Commission Taking 10$ chibi commissions

    Like the title says, I'm opening up for some chibi commissions! They'll be 10$ for one character, and and additional 5$ for each added character to the piece. I will only be accepting payment through paypal For more info, please read my Terms of Service If you're interested, please contact me...
  6. Witchyy

    Digital Looking for critique!

    thank you so much!
  7. Witchyy

    Digital Looking for critique!

    This year I want to get serious about pushing myself in art, and really trying my best to improve. I've had pleasant experiences with the people on this website, so I'm hoping to make it my sort of hub for receiving feedback on my art Here's my first finished piece of 2019. It of my lopunny...
  8. Witchyy

    Commission fishy boi

    commission I've recently gotten done for a close friend of mine. It was a really fun commission to do, since I got to design the outfit for his space fishie character, Odyssey.
  9. Witchyy

    Roleplay Pet Peeves

    I mainly do 1x1's. I absolutely hate it when I start off the rp with a starter that leaves it very open for the other person to jump in and interact with my character, and they reply with their character doing something halfway across the world. Okay that's an exaggeration, but I mean what's...
  10. Witchyy

    Experiences What was your worst roleplay experience?

    I relate a little too much to this one. I'm so sick of romance in roleplays but seem to never escape it
  11. Witchyy

    Experiences What was your worst roleplay experience?

    Well It seems like the mod was criticizing Linkin's artistic abilities rather than the actual character's appearance. Like if it being inflated was an actual aspect of the character, that's one thing. But if the character is supposed to be naturally overweight, then I don't see how the...
  12. Witchyy

    Multiple Settings Anyone wanna rp with a dragon child? (OPEN)

    Heya! I've recently made a new character, Nephele, and I really wanna get a few rps up and running with her. Nephele is a humanoid feathered dragon, and the last of her kind. Feathered dragons were very large beasts once fully grown. Docile unless provoked, they were often fought and killed by...
  13. Witchyy

    Experiences What was your worst roleplay experience?

    this is why miiverse got shut down
  14. Witchyy

    Other Unpopular Opinions

    I didn't like incredibles and I feel like I'm the only one who wasn't hyped for incredible ii
  15. Witchyy

    Experiences What was your worst roleplay experience?

    My worst experience was a couple years ago when Google+ was used pretty often for roleplaying. I was having a pretty interesting rp with someone, and it was all fine and dandy. Then without warning, their character rapes my character. Like wtf? This came completely out of nowhere without...
  16. Witchyy

    Deal Breakers. What makes you "walk" away?

    I just wonder why it's asked at all tho. It doesn't really contribute anything to the character whether they got big honkers or not.
  17. Witchyy

    Deal Breakers. What makes you "walk" away?

    People really ask for bust size/underwear in character descriptions? How is that at all necessary???? Lmao
  18. Witchyy

    Why do you like to role-play? What does it do for you?

    I mostly do it for the characters. I enjoy putting my characters in interesting situations with other characters and seeing how it'll play out. I think characters are really what makes or breaks an rp. Y'all can have an amazing plot line and setting, but if the characters are boringg trite, then...
  19. Witchyy

    Deal Breakers. What makes you "walk" away?

    I hella nope when the other person tries to control my character. Like it's my character, not yours. I know how my character will act, you don't. Just back off.
  20. Witchyy

    what's up losers

    Your signature made me think something was wrong with my screen how dare you lmao