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  1. Kitten-Chan

    Multiple Settings Looking for some partners

    So ah…I replied to this thread last year, and I think we did an rp. I don’t remember. Here’s a 2nd interest——
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    Realistic or Modern One big and happy LGBTQ Neighborhood (still accepting)

    Damn, haven't been checking this thread at all lmao! missed a lot of submissions apparently. Any news?
  3. Kitten-Chan

    Fantasy Not our world [Reboot] (CS) {still accepting}

    Name: Nolan Laurence Age: 18 Gender/Sexuality: Non-Binary (Androgynous), Pansexual Personality: Nolan is rather timid, and tends to avoid big crowds. He gets anxious in the presence of strangers, and may even have an anxiety attack if the presence of such strangers heightens stress levels...
  4. Kitten-Chan

    Multiple Settings NB (my character) x M

    Hey! So I’m looking for an rp partner! I have a non-binary character, my first NB OC actually! And I really wanna try out writing with them! I have a couple of prompts but no full-planned plots. Counselor x Patient Friends to lovers Bully x victim Best friend’s sibling If you like these...
  5. Kitten-Chan

    One big and happy LGBTQ Neighborhood

    (When is this gonna start lmao)
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    Multiple Settings MxM search

    Yup! I'm always open! Feel free to DM me!
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    Realistic or Modern MxM request (TW)

    The setting of this is somewhere in the United States at a Private catholic school. Our characters are students at St. James Academy, a private Catholic school in the United States. My character is a closeted member of the gay community and tries as hard as he can to hide that fact, causing him...
  8. Kitten-Chan

    Multiple Settings MxM search

    Hey there! I’m planning on changing my username, so call me HunnyLemon! Im gender questioning and my pronouns are they/them Im looking for an MxM rp! I love romance and I love slice of life! Most of my male characters are more feminine, so please be aware of that! I don’t have any plots at the...
  9. Kitten-Chan

    Multiple Settings Lσσƙιɳɠ ϝσɾ NB x M ɾρ ραɾƚɳҽɾ!

    Hello! You can call me by my username or call me Lemon! I'm Non-Binary and use They/Them pronouns I will be playing then NB character in this rp, though they are more feminine than masculine. Though I don't exactly have any plots right now, I'm open to anything! DM me if your interested!
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    Multiple Settings [M/M] Long term Partner search

    Hey-!! This seems interesting to say the least! I’m down for an rp if you’re still open?
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    Realistic or Modern SCP: New Dawn (CS)

    This is dead
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    One big and happy LGBTQ Neighborhood

    Name: Caiden Age: 14 Gender: male Sexuality: Gay (in the closet) Personality: Loves meeting new people and is generally optimistic, but can be pessimistic at times. Likes -Cats -Art -Music Dislikes -Big Dogs -Horror Movies Bio: Was born in to his parents in a hospital in northeastern USA...
  13. Kitten-Chan

    Heyo! I'm quite bored at the moment. Anyone looking for an MxM rp? I'd play the more feminine...

    Heyo! I'm quite bored at the moment. Anyone looking for an MxM rp? I'd play the more feminine character
  14. Kitten-Chan

    Realistic or Modern One big and happy LGBTQ Neighborhood (still accepting)

    Interested in being the Jacksons' teen son
  15. Kitten-Chan

    Always! PM me

    Always! PM me
  16. Kitten-Chan

    Multiple Settings MxM Rp search!!!

    Sure! Pm me!
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    Answered Change Username?

    Like I've had the same username now for like... 6 months. And I've finally grown tired of it. But I can't change it lol
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    Answered Change Username?

    Well, yes. But that's still a long time. I still stand with my point