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  1. AI10100

    Multiple Settings [Closed due to multiple inquiries, thank you. <3] New to RPNation, Looking for a few Partners~!

    Oh, greetings! I am interested in an adventure and/or fantasy RP. Though, are you able to PM now? I'm rather sure that you need to hit a certain amount of posts and time for that?
  2. AI10100

    Fantasy looking for a partner (ignore prefix)

    Ooh, I like that Plot B - the one about the aristocrat and the commoner. I've always been a sucker for those kinds of plots. Of course, if you'll have me. @Nisa
  3. AI10100

    Two Pokemon Rangers in the Oliva region

    I'm down for this since I just played the game to be honest. Should we discuss this on PM or?
  4. AI10100

    Let's Write {Ingore post count + Always looking!}

    Sure, thanks.
  5. AI10100

    Let's Write {Ingore post count + Always looking!}

    I'm interested on the idol x idol. Of course, if it's a straight relationship (m x f)
  6. AI10100

    Role play partner search

    I'm willing to roleplay the Princess x Knight with you. If you'll have me that is.
  7. AI10100

    Mermaid RP

    Either is fine with me really.
  8. AI10100

    Mermaid RP

    I'd like to RP with you. I would RP an amateur marine biologist or something like that if it's alright.