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  1. Fist Full of Frogs

    The Avatar Above You Went To Jail, Why?

    Jailed for looking for a handout in this capitalist thread
  2. Fist Full of Frogs

    The Avatar Above You Went To Jail, Why?

    maimed the family hamster
  3. Fist Full of Frogs

    Multiple Settings "I'm not reading all of that, Frogs." (M4A)

    Hello! I'm Frogs (19). I'm a full time waiter/ bartender and future animation major (hopefully). I think I could use another creative outlet, and roleplay is kind of nostalgic to me, so this seems like the perfect opportunity to dust off this account. Looking for cool people to tell cool stories...
  4. Fist Full of Frogs

    Futuristic Rags to riches Cyberpunk story please :D

    "There is only one true measure of success in Night City." I've been on a huge Cyberpunk binge recently (Akira, Bladerunner, 2077, etc) and it's really got me in the mood to get back into roleplay again. There's something about that neon-urban grunge that I can't get enough of. An rp in a...
  5. Fist Full of Frogs

    Realistic or Modern Demon Days (with ShredKnives)

    "A good hunter dresses for success. You otta' know that." Abel responded with a neutral stare. He wondered if she actually thought he was some kind of demon in disguise or if she just wanted to take a dig at his fashion sense. He was humored, either way. Abel's tired, hazel eyes scanned her up...
  6. Fist Full of Frogs

    Realistic or Modern Demon Days (with ShredKnives)

    Abel lurked around the factory floor with a stare of pure concentration plastered on his face. The end of his long overcoat dusted the ground in his stride. His rigid posture sort of resembled an animal stalking it's prey. That wasn't too far off given the situation. The old man let out an...
  7. Fist Full of Frogs

    Realistic or Modern Demon Days (with ShredKnives)

    Devil hunter oc (Abel) Forty five years… Wow, really getting up there. That’s what Abel thought as he watched coffee trickle into his paper cup with a tired, glazed stare. For most people, 45 is modest. But to someone in his profession, it seems ancient. (Career demon hunters tend to die...
  8. Fist Full of Frogs

    Advice/Help Do you write your character around their backstory or the backstory around the character?

    I'm not sure if this is a dumb question or not. Just food for thought. When you're staring at a character sheet do you start with the personality, appearance, etc? Or do you jump straight to the backstory / motivation and build on that . Is the backstory just an afterthought and the character...
  9. Fist Full of Frogs

    Yeah, no problem. Your advice is really helpful.

    Yeah, no problem. Your advice is really helpful.
  10. Fist Full of Frogs

    Other Obscure fandoms you'd like to RP

    There's this niche swordpunk rpg game called Kenshi that i've been obsessed with all year. General premise is that it takes place in the middle of this post industrial apocalypse where most technology has regressed back to the dark ages, aside from what few robots are still functioning and...
  11. Fist Full of Frogs

    Multiple Settings Roleplay interest check with an attention grabbing and witty title (RICWAAGAWT)

    About Me : ) Hey, I'm Frogs. Social media has pretty much fried my attention span, and I feel sitting down and writing everyday would help with that. So in an attempt to cure my brainrot, I want to get back into roleplay. And maybe meet some cool people to write cool stories with while I'm at...
  12. Fist Full of Frogs

    Fandom Is Soul Eater still cool? (M4A, lit)

    thanks for the reassurance homie. you've got a good taste in anime.