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  1. syzygems

    Fantasy The Rise of the Puppet King.

    Hi there! Would you happen to still be interested in this idea? I really like where you have this going!
  2. syzygems

    Realistic or Modern Omg I’m back and searching for something dark and twisty (and new partners, obvs).

    Hi there! I am super interested in some of these ideas if you are still looking for roleplay partners! (:
  3. syzygems

    Fandom (sonic) college au

    yes!!! i am still very much interested! shoot me a message if you would like!
  4. syzygems

    Fandom (sonic) college au

    hi, everyone! i've recently become interested in doing an au-based roleplay with an oc of mine that i created out of a sudden nostalgia of me doing sonic roleplays back in the day. i'd prefer someone who can play silver, but it honestly isn't a huge issue. i have a lot of ideas if anyone is...
  5. syzygems

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hi there, everyone! I'm Syzy and haven't roleplayed in a LONG time. I'm 20 and am about to finish up my degree in English LIterature. I've recently had a desire to get back into roleplaying after years of not doing so. I love character-heavy roleplays, romance, and fantasy-driven subjects. I...
  6. syzygems

    Fantasy Brightmore Academy

    With not too long left to spare, Wrena shuffled her way into the classroom, hands practically full of various flyers from the showings outside. Walking past them made her feel a little empathetic towards those poor fellows just standing around out there trying to get a group together for...