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    Multiple Settings Give Me Your Bastards

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    Multiple Settings Give Me Your Bastards

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    Multiple Settings Give Me Your Bastards

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    Multiple Settings Give Me Your Bastards

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    Multiple Settings Give Me Your Bastards

    Hey there, I'm Mel: ■ Been roleplaying for 17 years now. ■ I'm 29. She/her. I live in the states and my time zone is Eastern. ■ Will only write with people 25+. ■ Mainly M// search thread. ■ Looking for original realistic to semi-fantasy settings. Modern settings with monsters, scumbags...
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    Other How do you relieve stress?

    Games. Whether a relaxing game like Stardew, or Far Cry 5 so I can blow stuff up. It replaced smoking.
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    Word Associations

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    Chitchat Zodiac sign

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    Other What are you terrible at?

    Sleeping and waking, I'm either going to bed at 4am or waking up at 1pm. Thankfully, I've been working from home since 2019 and my job is pretty chill so I don't have to force myself to be up at 8am all the time.
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    Other Tell us about your pet peeves!

    People who think Tourettes = coprolalia. Won't go more into that than that.
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    Video Games What are your favorite games?

    Far Cry 5-I will replay it until I die. RDR2 and RDO (at least, when the servers of 1-5 people were a thing) A good 400 hours later, my interest has died off some. Stardew Valley-must have like, 400 hours of that over several files on three different systems. Still love it. Cozy Grove on the...
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    TV & Film What TV show(s) do you know that aren't talked about?

    Justified. Haven't finished it yet, but I never heard about the show before and found it by chance while watching Hannibal fan edit videos. It's not the best writing, but it's 2021 and I haven't had a show to watch since the first season of the Witcher.
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    Other Random question of the day

    South for the temperature, and the food. Although I lived up north for a time, and how I learned fries + vinegar=love.
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    Other Would You Rather?

    I live in Florida nearby the swamp. Spent a winter up north once. I prefer hot all year.
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    Music What kind of music are you into right now?

    Lana Del Rey's new album has been my latest thing on repeat.
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hey there, I'm Mel. I honestly found this place by Googling roleplaying sites since I haven't had much luck with some of the smaller sites like Barbermonger or Roleplay Central. I'm 27 and been roleplaying for 15 years, without a break. Started out on Neopets and Gaiaonline. I am only...