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    Realistic or Modern Another Impromptu Idea Craving

    Hey! I'm interested in roleplaying with you. In the past, I haven't done roleplays with long replies but I would love to try with you if you don't mind :).
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    Fantasy Trapped inside the Game (Looking for partner)

    Hi, I'm interested!
  8. BakedBeansIsGood

    Fantasy (GxG) Historical Themed?

    The first prompt sounds good, can I PM you?
  9. BakedBeansIsGood

    Fantasy (GxG) Historical Themed?

    Hullo, I'm interested!
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    Fandom Rp!

    Would you be interested in doing Danganronpa?
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    Multiple Settings Anime-Style Originals (OC x OC) (Romance/Adventure)

    Hello, I'm interested in the first scenario!
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    Multiple Settings ♡Long-term Roleplay Search♡

    Hello! I'm interested in number 2!