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  1. simulationanomaly

    Fandom [ LOST DOGS ] — A Yakuza Story

    December 10th, 1988, Sotenbori The past day was already a haze. It came in flickers, piercing soundbytes, bangs and rattles. If Kenneth didn't have the bruises to prove it was real, he would have assumed that it was just a bad dream, or a hallucination brought on from a bad mix of hydrocodone...
  2. simulationanomaly

    Futuristic [ The Cherenkov Effect ]

    One minute at a rolling boil will kill pretty much any waterborne bacteria or parasite. Ryan knew that—of course he did, it was basic science. Kid stuff. Still, that didn't stop him from boiling his water for two minutes, just to be safe. His eyes stayed locked on the raging pot of creek water...
  3. simulationanomaly

    Multiple Settings C:\>find "partner"

    Hello, world! Call me whatever comes to mind, but if you can't think of anything, Anomaly works fine. I'm 24 years old, highly flexible, and your local unhinged character extraordinaire. I'm looking for a laid-back partner who doesn't mind this being my pastime rather than my entire life. About...