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  1. flurry_clifford

    Fandom WWE Roleplay

    I'm a bit rusty on this fandom, but I wanted to try it out again. I was looking for someone to play as Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Shotzi, Rhea Ripley, or Roman Reigns, for my female OC. We can talk about the plot and I'll send you her details, which will also be attached here. I'm not really...
  2. flurry_clifford

    Fandom Looking for Brooklyn Nine-Nine doubles! (OCXCC)

    Hey! So, I've been looking everywhere for a double-up or 1x1 for this fandom! For my end, it would be FxF, but for your side, it can be anything. I'm using my female OC, and I usually pair her with Amy Santiago or Rosa Diaz, so those are who I'm looking for, and I can play as anyone else for...
  3. flurry_clifford

    Fandom Pokemon: Explorers of the New World [Closed]

    Interested, I'll send my OC!
  4. flurry_clifford

    Fantasy Hero x Villain RP (GXG)

    Hi, I'm Fleur. Full name, Fleur Hephaestus Clifford. I have chestnut brown hair and clear ocean blue eyes. I'm 23 years old. I stand tall at 5'11 and weigh in 140 lbs. because of muscle mass. I play basketball and I have rose tattoos on my abs, an arrow tattoo on my right forearm, a lyric tattoo...
  5. flurry_clifford

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, I'm Fleur, I've been in the RP world for three years now, and yet I'm still unfamiliar with some terms. I love fantasy and romance, and I read and write stories and poems on my free time. I decided to join RPNation to find other partners that are interested in my plots. I have a pet dog...