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  1. Feyris-Tan

    Fuck, Marry or Kill the avatar above you

    The dick makes it better
  2. Feyris-Tan

    Anime & Manga WAIFU WARS: Emilia vs. Rem

  3. Feyris-Tan

    Anime & Manga WAIFU WARS: Emilia vs. Rem

    Yeah, yeah, Rem had better development but EMT wins for me
  4. Feyris-Tan

    Anime & Manga Opinion On Code Geass?

    I think the first season was much better than the second one, it's confirmed that R2 was toned down by the author because the TV schedule changed and it was moved from 21:00 to 17:00 and so it couldn't be that dark. I can't even imagine what R2 would be if he put in his all.
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    Anime & Manga Best obscure anime and/or manga

  6. Feyris-Tan

    Opinion I actually like season 4 of Sherlock.

    I loved the new season because we could see Sherlock grow as a character, he felt less like a god and more like a human. But Sherlock being a god is a reason for many people to watch so I don't blame them
  7. Feyris-Tan

    Nice to meet you!

    Hello, this is my first time signing up for an RP website, heard about roleplaying from a friend and thought that I might as well try this. I'm an amateur so I may not be that good at this but I'll try my best, looking forward to having fun and meeting new people!