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  1. candyrain

    Experiences What entices you to respond to an interest check?

    I guess just anyone who has the same interests as me and who seems chill! but then again i’d be too shy to send a message lol
  2. candyrain

    Experiences what's the most difficult fandom for you to find roleplay partners with?

    Mozart L’Opera Rock, it’s this musical about Mozart and his life, it’s french. Made around 2009 and I’ve been in love with it. Used to be big but now only a small portion of the fandom exists 😭
  3. candyrain

    Idea Describe your latest RP idea in a sentence!

    vampire huntress and vampire meet at a ball.
  4. candyrain

    Experiences Where did you roleplay before you came to RPNation?

    kik, roblox, google +, Deviantart and instagram lol