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  1. oliiebee

    Fandom a fresh start! (MxM/NB or platonic plots!) (Marvel craving!)

    hello friends!! my name is isa, I'm 18 years old, part of a DID system, and use he/they pronouns! i'm a long term user of the site, but it's been a looong time since i've been online, so i'm wanting to start fresh and get to know people again! i don't have a lot of rules- i just ask that in...
  2. oliiebee

    Fandom Supernatural RP (Show) - The City of Morning

    hey guys!! this is a lil RP based off of spn (though you don't have to know the show to join!) that I've been working on that starts to diverge from canon after season 5! expect spoilers for the end of season 5 if you haven't seen it yet! -~- The world as we knew it ended in 2010. After Sam...
  3. oliiebee

    Fandom Team PIT (supernatural - small group!)

    hello! i've been back on a supernatural binge after the finale, and during my search for fix its I found a fic called Team PIT, and it looked really interesting so I thought I'd try to find people to rp something similar to it! the base concept is that sam, michael, lucifer, and adam are stuck...
  4. oliiebee

    Realistic or Modern The Rhabdoscopia Initiative

    "Are you under the age of 21 and experiencing strange alterations after a minor to severe traumatic event? Has a loved one? The Rhabdoscopia Initiative (TRI) is here to help. Our facilities have been operating since the 80s, after making the discovery that on rare occurrences, children have...
  5. oliiebee

    Realistic or Modern The Cordon Facility - CS

    Here you go, chitlins. Be sure to include your character's trauma in the backstory bit, and personality can either be written in paragraphs or bullet points <3 (Picture here!) Name: Age (7-17): Gender: Sexuality: Height: Powers: Personality: Likes/Dislikes: Fears: Hobbies: Known diagnoses...
  6. oliiebee

    Realistic or Modern The Cordon Facility - INFORMATION

    Welcome Home Life in the Facility can be a chaotic one. Happens when you shove a bunch of hormonal, supercharged, traumatized kids all in one place, I guess. Despite this, staff do their best to keep the kids on a set schedule to bring some sense of normalcy among the chaos. Patients can find...
  7. oliiebee

    Realistic or Modern The Cordon Facility - OOC

    hello everyone! feel free to chit chat and ask any questions! I'll be having an information/lore page up soon, before the CS
  8. oliiebee

    Realistic or Modern The Cordon Facility

  9. oliiebee

    Realistic or Modern The Cordon Facility - REMAKE (let's try this again)

    It all began 30 years ago. A boy arrived at the hospital in critical condition, caught up in a car accident. Drunk driver, police said. His parents didn't make it. He'd be lucky if he was to survive by morning. Medical staff rushed in and out of the room, doing what they could, until one...
  10. oliiebee

    Digital trying our best

    ahckgjsdgbj I have no idea what to write when it comes to this kinda thing? but I also feel weird just, jumping into things, you know? so... hello! happy new year!
  11. oliiebee

    Fandom someone to be trash with (og plot!)

    uh, hello! i'm crea, or isa, or whatever the heck you want to call me, and the lowercase is just for the aesthetic i promise. i love weeping over gay trash because i, too, am such. m/m definitely preferred if romance is involved, but i'm totally cool with platonic goodness. timezone = EST...