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  1. brainsick859

    Traditional share drawings i guess (TRADITIONAL ONLY!!)

    ello! just share drawings lol thats it- i'll share a few too!
  2. brainsick859

    Fandom Dream SMP Roleplay

    I'd like to do a DreamNotFound ( DNF) Roleplay cuz that's my thought process and uh- yeah. I'd like to have the role of George- I honestly don't care if its angst, fluff, etc. it doesnt matter lol- i just wannna do a dnf roleplay
  3. brainsick859

    Multiple Settings Roleplay recruits!

    Ello- I'm looking for people to roleplay with and have free-time and accept people being offline for 4-12 hours. If you are willing to roleplay, DM me on this website. It doesn't really matter the type of roleplay we do, I'm open to: LGBTQIA+, Furries, BLM, ALM, pretty much anything! SO, if you...
  4. brainsick859

    Answered ???

    is this where you introduce yourself??? if not im an idiot lmao-