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  1. kevintheradioguy

    Multiple Settings ☾ long-term partner search | adventurers welcomed! ☽

    Never before I have seen a search thread that would encompass things I myself am looking for this well. Therefore' I'd love to give it a try and try to plot something together, if you're willing. I might have a few ideas in mind, set in more or less original worlds (because, hey, what is even...
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    Digital kevindraws

    My Narrator in Kult ttrpg said that Jon the NPC likes the 80s aesthetic, and so I had to draw him like that. Feeling inspired, I also made our PCs in the same aesthetic. Jon the NPC. An alfar (nordic elf, basically) in disfigured human disguise, a "gifted kid turned into perfectionist with...
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    Digital kevindraws

    Yesterday my coterie (VtM analogue of a party) managed to meet the Malkavian Primogen who was absent for sixty-something years. They have found him, got out of torpor, nearly died as he frienzied, and three weeks later, he reappears a sane as a Malkavian can be. Say hello to Reynard, he'll make...
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    Digital kevindraws

    A year later, and...
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    Digital kevindraws

    More Ludwik. The man is surprisingly wholesome for a prostitute. The narrator/DM complained that for months she couldn't figure out what to offer him to make him do something, before realising that he doesn't want anything personally; but he'll die and kill to keep his family and friends safe...
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    Digital kevindraws

    Kristine and Ludo, characters of my wife and myself, from an Icelndic-themed Kult: Divinity Lost game led by dear friend of mine. Kristine is a blogger that does debunking of any magic, demon, ghost activity; and nowadays - a talented Limbo magician, marked by Hela to be their herald. Ludo is...
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    I miss my country :c

    I miss my country :c
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    Fantasy Just the Tomb of Us | roleplay

    That was an unexpected turn of events. rarely did Ra encounter a person who, instead of running for their lives, actually did try to negotiate like this one. The goblin was tiny, and covered in rags - not the type that looked to take life serious enough to talk her way out of the situation, and...
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    Fantasy Just the Tomb of Us | roleplay

    Despite what one might expect, Ra wasn't going in sneaky. He was an imposing figure twice the height of an average man - albeit about the same girth - and though clad in layers of gambesons and occasional metal here and there - too well-armed to be making no noise, even if he tried his hardest...
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    Fantasy Monster appreciation thread

    Mostly plot-centered, queer-friendly, threads or discord games. Good evening ladies, gents, and in-between. You all got beautiful colourful search threads, sorry for this one not being such as well (hopefully - not for long). Recently, looking at my favourite games played, I realised my...
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    It is so hard to find character portraits of older characters online. Photos are more or less...

    It is so hard to find character portraits of older characters online. Photos are more or less, but Satan forbid you try using paintings in your ttrpg!
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    Literature What are you reading at the moment?

    "Sorry" by Zoran Drvenkar. Without spoiling much, thus far it's one of the best thrillers I have read in a whule - not so by the plot, though it is pretty good, but moreso in the language used. It tells a story of four friends, one gruesome killer, and people getting into something much bigger...
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    Fantasy Totum revolutum

    By the colour and the acidic smell, it became clear that most of the pills left were no more than vitamins. Which made sense. The climate was dry and hot - too dry and hot to grow a lot of fruits, but not dry and hot enough to grow any citrus. The locals needed vitamins. This wasn't the...
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    Fantasy Totum revolutum

    Luck seemed to be smiling upon Noah, as the first thing he saw, going inside the building - after his eyes adjusted to the darkness, of course - was a long L-shaped table of a store to the right of him. A pyramid of weights lay dusty on the further side, rows of medicine cabinets behind it. A...
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    Fantasy Totum revolutum

    With a short nod, the guard obliged, taking half a step to the side, as if to let the man in. The door was locked however, and he did not reach for the key just yet. "Would you mind leaving any bags out here?" He asked, nodding to what used to be a lovely little bench at the stone-paved road...
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    Multiple Settings .1x1 partner seach.

    I'd really love to hear your plots. You do sound like an interesting person to write with.
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    Fantasy Down for a rp?

    I would be down for an apocalyptic scenario - got a perfect ole character for that one; though I'm curious about technical details. As in, what media do you prefer, how often you post and would like to receive replies, etc c:
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    Well guess who just up and got married.

    Well guess who just up and got married.
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    An open letter to Fyuri and anyone else using light mode

    You'll never get me alive!
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    Digital kevindraws

    Finished version btw.