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  1. Harumi-chan

    Fandom Lights On! | FNAF: Security Breach rp search

    Alright so for some odd reason I’m really dying to try a FNAF: Security Breach roleplay. Granted, I have not played one before but would love to give it a try so I thought I’d make a thread specifically looking for one. A bit about me: I’m a 30 year old female who is also a full time mama for...
  2. Harumi-chan

    Fandom More than just your gift || Encanto 1x1 rp search

    Hello, I’ve had a big craving for something with Encanto lately so I thought I’d go ahead and make a whole search thread dedicated to it. If I’ve got your attention then read on! Info to read first - I’m a female who is 30 and prefer my roleplay partners to be 18+ - I can write between 3 - 6...
  3. Harumi-chan

    Fandom (≧∇≦)/ Let's write a fandom! | 1x1 rp search

    For those interested, please remember to read the guidelines first.
  4. Harumi-chan

    Fandom (≧∇≦)/ Let's write a fandom! | 1x1 rp search

    My name is Harumi Ai but you can just call me Harumi. I am a 30 year old female and I’m looking for other 21+ roleplay partners to write out some lovely stories together (The 21+ is more out of preference considering I feel a bit uncomfortable roleplaying with those under 21). I've had a thread...
  5. Harumi-chan

    Fandom // Nura Chisato

    BG TOP PART --icon--far fa-gamepad --name--Nura Chisato --icon-2--far fa-gamepad MIDDLE PART -LEFT SIDE- --pic-- MUSIC --SOUNDCLOUD PLAYER-- ---Soundcloud Link--- --GOOGLE DRIVE PLAYER-- ---Google Drive File--- --music info--fas fa-playSay...
  6. Harumi-chan

    Fandom Fandoms everywhere! || m/f and m// search [Updated 8/14]

    Welcome, everyone! I'm sort of into a few fandoms at the moment and am looking for some roleplayers to try them with me. Take a look and let me know if you're interested! About me: o At the moment, I’m only open to m/f and m// and I’m open to both canon x oc and canon x canon as long as no...