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  1. JuniperBoi

    Fandom Summer of the Bleeding Heart Archipelago {Fairy Tail RP} (Closed for Now)

    Still interested just writing my character
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    Fandom Bleach: Hollowed Hearts

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    Fandom High School DxD: The Secret Service REBOOT

    “I’m offering you all a deal of a lifetime” That is what the Devil King, Sirzechs Gremory’s letter opened up with when you and your peerage received it. The letter reads as follows: “To whoever received this message, congratulations, you and your peerage have been hand picked to enlist in a...
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    Fantasy N.A.S CS

    >>Basic Character Info<< Student or Staff: Student Full Name: Aeon Delarosa Merrak Nickname/Alias: A, Delly, Age: 17 Gender: Male Pronouns: He/Him Sexuality: Bisexual Species/Race: Human wizard Short Backstory: As a kid, His parents were very overprotective due to losing their other child...
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    Fantasy Noroth's Academy of Sorcery [Closed]

    Wind Class please!
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    Fandom High School DxD: The Secret Service

    I will keep you in mind
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    Fandom High School DxD: The Secret Service

    Of course
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    Fantasy [IC] Corvallis Academy

    Judas Carter Notable features: Lightning shaped mark on his cheek Location: Dorms ———> Class 1-C Notable Events: Yawning loud enough to be heard by people nearby. Interactions: @Neo Alice Mentions: @Tapfic @Neo Alice Judas was woke up somewhat groggy and out of energy. What a great...
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    Fandom High School DxD: The Secret Service CS

    Lucas Gomez I may be a Devil. But it doesn’t mean my soul isn’t pure. I’ll do whatever I can to fight for what is right Nicknames: Luca (Friends), Lu (Close Friends/Lover) Race: Devil Hybrid Race Ranking: Middle Class Gender: Male Age: ??? Height: 5’8 Peerage: European Chess Piece...