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  1. KawaiiCat444

    Other Why did you choose your avatar?

    Because I am panicking all day, everyday. I also like moths
  2. KawaiiCat444

    Digital Spinning frog (Flashing color)

  3. KawaiiCat444

    Digital A little cat girl I made this morning

  4. KawaiiCat444

    Chitchat Ask ExtinctionTale Sans

    Hello! What's your favorite color and are you okay?
  5. KawaiiCat444

    Chitchat What are some weird things you believed growing up?

    For some reason, as I kid I thought that the heart was in the head and the brain was in the chest.
  6. KawaiiCat444

    Humor Anyone else fall asleep to weird song/shows as newborns?

    My little sister didn't ever want to get to sleep as a baby, so what would my mom do? Put on a show called river monsters, a show about a guy having to fish up dangrous fish that most likely attacked people that they weren't afraid to get into (Never showed anything graphic obviously) but the...
  7. KawaiiCat444

    Humor I swallowed shampoo

    It wasn't that much, I'll probably survive I SWALLOWED SHAMPOO! PROBABLY GONNA DIE! SMELT LIKE FRUIT!! THAT WAS A LIE!!!
  8. KawaiiCat444

    Chitchat Anyone else love watching horror-themed YT channels/any horror channel suggestions?

    I'd suggest a channel called Wowman, especially if you like analog horror, he covers some pretty popular ones from Harmony and Horror, The Mandela Catalogue to stuff like needle mouse (Also, know this is late but these are still good to check out) YourEverydayTheorist is also a good one for...
  9. KawaiiCat444

    Opinion Choose my next oc:

    What's a manokit?
  10. KawaiiCat444

    Other Art app suggestions for a beginner?

    If you are using a phone, I'd say ibisPaint X It's free but does have ads and you can pay for the whole thing, like different brushes and stuff (It will also offer you to watch an ad to unlock them for several hours) and it's a pretty good app. Like I said, it's free and you don't have to sign...
  11. KawaiiCat444

    Fantasy Be My Monster? Supernatural/Fantasy 1x1 search

    I'm interested!
  12. KawaiiCat444

    Digital Baby seal

  13. KawaiiCat444

    Other I was bored so made a mythical species. This is the product of boredom and exustion, don't be like me, hope you like it lol

    Midnight moths Midnight moths are classified as mammals despite the moth like apperance. They are verbal creatures, communicating with chirps, barks, roars, purrs, and huffs. They normally live in a hive, being that they are very social creatures and can get lonely and depressed without fellow...
  14. KawaiiCat444

    Digital โœจPanic at the discoโœจ

    A very angry, fluffy, moth creature Why is it screaming, we may never know - Kat
  15. KawaiiCat444

    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hello! You can call me Kat, and I've been roleplaying for a few years but am more use to one on one rps. I like drawing, baking, and jusy about anything creative! I just found this site and decided to join for fun. I like doing oc rps and am fine with just about anything, so message me if you...