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  1. ourlove

    Fandom Video Game Fandom RP

    Preferably be 18 and older to roleplay with me. Fandoms: -Red Dead Redemption 2 - Fallout 4 - State of Decay - Skyrim - The Witcher: Wild Hunt ***** anything that you might be interested it can be worth a shot with me. Plots: RDR2: - Bounty Hunter Arthur Morgan coming after MC because she...
  2. ourlove

    Multiple Settings In The End (Demon x Human RP)

  3. ourlove

    Realistic or Modern looking for a 1x1 (looking for anything)

    I would prefer to do a romance with a fxm situation. I would prefer to play the female, but at this point, I'm up for anything as far a roleplay buddy. Just a couple of ideas I'd be interested in trying: - RDR2 roleplay - Supernatural roleplay - some sort of forbidden love roleplay - maybe...
  4. ourlove

    Fandom Daryl Dixon RP. (1x1)

    Fandom: The Walking Dead Character NEEDED: Daryl Dixon Theme: Romance, Drama, Action (other twists and turns I'm sure). PLEASE BE A FAIRLY ACTIVE PERSON. Life should always come first and I know that things do happen, but if you are going to be around for a long time, just give me a heads up...
  5. ourlove

    Realistic or Modern Looking for a RP Partner.

    So, I think I'm looking for a long term roleplay partner. Just someone that I know I can build a relationship with for my characters. Somethings about me: - I can do short replies when I feel they are needed, but prefer something with a little more detail. - I'm pretty active, but I do work...
  6. ourlove

    Fandom Deadly Timing (TWD) [CLOSED]

    Emelia had been just surviving since the world when to shit. Remembering the first time she turned on the news to footage of loved ones getting ready to bury a beloved mother who had been in a tragic case of drunk driving, only to see the once peaceful looking blonde jump up and start groaning...
  7. ourlove

    One x One Deadly Timing Characters

    Emelia Bassett - other wise referred to by Em. A bit of spitfire, she likes to take life head on. (Some like to blame it on the hair).
  8. ourlove

    Fandom Deadly Romance (TWD). [OPEN]

    I'm looking for someone to do a one x one RP within the Walking Dead verse. It can be completely OC if you like, but you'll get extra bonus points if you want to take on the role of Daryl Dixon. A couple of points: I would prefer to do MxF as my OC is a female. I would love for their to be...
  9. ourlove

    Fandom Daryl x OC [Walking Dead]

    I'm looking for a one x one partner who would be willing to take on the role of Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. And I typically like to use OC when roleplaying just for the sake of having a tad bit more freedom. I don't really mind if there is a certain timeline that you would like to go...
  10. ourlove

    New To RPNation, but not roleplaying.

    Honestly, I've never really done forum RPing before so this will be a first for me. But I've probably been roleplaying online for a good couple of years now. I like to role play just about anything and I love a really good thought out storyline. Nothing ever needs to be set in stone, but just...