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  1. ColoredSparkler

    Fantasy Dragons. Magic. Adventure.

    Hello! My name is Coco! I just finished Vox Machina and I'd love to do something along those lines of adventure. Magic, dragons, kingdoms. Merlin-esque. Also down for anything horror-theme. I only want to RP with people 18+ 3rd person. Just tell me if you want to ghost. No hard feelings. I...
  2. ColoredSparkler

    Commission D&D Characters

    Hello! I am nearing the end of a two year campaign with my Dungeons and Dragons group. As a gift to our DM we'd like to get a piece of our characters done! Definitely willing to pay for what we want done. If your all interested please DM me(:
  3. ColoredSparkler

    Fantasy Fantasy, but add some spice.

    Looking for someone who'd be interesting in a steam-punk style world, a LOtR style adventure. Even Dungeons and Dragons-esque, if you will. One on One or if several people wanted i'd be willing to make a group thread. I'm hoping someone will want to world build(: I have a decently solid plot...
  4. ColoredSparkler

    Ello, all yee humans

    I was in a D&D group in the past and I miss it so much. I'd love to start a new group if possible, I already have one other member. I'd love if someone wanted to come in as a DM because i'm already one in my IRL group, but i'll take what I can get. I just miss playing online and writing with a...
  5. ColoredSparkler

    Commission Looking to comission someone to draw my D&D character

    I'm willing to pay(: DM me plz!
  6. ColoredSparkler

    News Serial Killers

    My brother and I are having a discussion. Based off where you live, if someone on the street asked you to name a serial killer, whose the first to come to mind?
  7. ColoredSparkler

    Multiple Settings Spooky, scary, ghosty bois (Still on the hunt in 2022)

    Hello friends, enemies and the like. My name is Coco. Feel free to call me as such. I am on the hunt for something paranormal in nature. I'm not one to shy away from darkness, horror and the grim. I prefer something that can be a little heavier. I'd appreciate someone 18+ Well written, at least...
  8. ColoredSparkler

    Multiple Settings Fantasy, Horror, Possibly Murder!?

    Hello, darkness my old friend. I've come to roleplay with you again. I am one of the many stuck at home for quite some time and i'm looking to work on my creative bubble. I am in my twenties and generally prefer people that age and up. I will make exceptions! I RP in 3rd person, usually several...
  9. ColoredSparkler

    Fantasy Fantasy and adventure?

    I'm gonna try this again, as everyone seems to vanish and leave no explanation! Please don't respond if you plan on doing so. I want to write and make new friends!!! I am fairly busy with work and school, but writing is my calm place. I will always find the time(: I'm looking for something of...
  10. ColoredSparkler

    Chitchat Bored and lonely

    I need to make new friends. So whats up? Talk to me
  11. ColoredSparkler

    Multiple Settings Always searching

    Hi. How are ya? Call me Coco. I am not really picky. Past tense, 3rd person. No one-liners. Prefer 18+ (Doesn't have to be, if you are mature.) I like darker and heavier themes most of the time. Some romance is always nice, but not necessary for a good story line. I usually rp on discord, but...
  12. ColoredSparkler

    Other Whats your halloween costume this year?

    I'm going to be a moth(:
  13. ColoredSparkler

    Realistic or Modern New friends/partners needed! -Always looking-

    Hey! My life has been a mess the past few months and it's finally begun to calm down and I am finding myself with more free time. It always make me happy and feel more like myself when I write. Writing and role-playing with other people is my favorite because I get to do what I love and be...
  14. ColoredSparkler

    Multiple Settings Looking for someone who actually wants to rp...

    .... not just come up with super awesome sounding ideas and never respond again!! Hey~ Call me Courtney, Court, Coco, Sparx. I've come up with so many amazing ideas with people and then they just disappear. I'm kind of annoyed with it, almost done with this site because of it. Why not try again...
  15. ColoredSparkler

    Video Games Stardew Valley -Multiplayer-

    Just getting back into playing Stardew, I played several months ago, almost a year now. Then they updated and I lost ALL my mods. I got so pissed off I quit haha Anyways, I'm back and I don't know anyone who plays this game. Anyone want to play with me?
  16. ColoredSparkler

    Fandom Really specific. Olympic lore

    Been reading a web comic about Hades and Persephone and I am obsessed! I really want to roleplay as the two, based off the comic so far. I'd like to play Persephone, just looking for a Hades. Also, if more than one person is interested, I'd love turning this into a full on group rp as there...
  17. ColoredSparkler

    Traditional First Time OC drawing

    I usually paint abstract things or animals. My style is 100% cartoon based but I've never tried painting one of my original characters. I know she's not perfect, but what do you think? Here's Rowena.
  18. ColoredSparkler

    Realistic or Modern Ignorance and Violence- A Gifted School Roleplay

    Excalibur School for the Gifted. October 12th, 2018. Hundreds are marching toward the school with heavy weaponry. "All student's are to report to the cafeteria immediately." @Hubub101
  19. ColoredSparkler

    Fantasy Looking for a partner (open)

    Hello! My name is Courtney, pleased to meet you. I'm currently looking for a roleplaying partner that is active (At least once a day) Posts several paragraph responses (I do understand sometimes that won't work.) Is at least semi-lit and posts in 3rd person past tense I'm not insane about these...
  20. ColoredSparkler

    Multiple Settings Looking for just about anything

    All I ask is for decent literacy, several paragraphs when possible and having discord is always nice to either rp in or just chat. I'm up all night at my brothers house, I need something to do. Writing sounds fun♡ I prefer to play a female character