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  1. RedArmyShogun

    Experiences On a scale of 1-10, how cringey were your first roleplays? Were they cringey at all?

    Hmm I wouldn't say so, but my concepts from back those many years ago on some freeboards, plus my typemenship has improved a lot from then too. My first character was a bit shit though, was independent of me, but was a type of space elf in power armor with high tech weapons. Then again, he lost...
  2. RedArmyShogun

    Advice/Help Does Plotting Ahead Kill Your Roleplay?

    I'm not one for 1x1 rp's at all, prefer group rp's and I find that planning is vital, however it should be in the way of being a D&D Session, be ready for at least one person that will try and jump the train off the tracks, or your players missing so and so hints and clues, thus bypassing your...
  3. RedArmyShogun

    Advice/Help Suggestions for incorporating classes into school-based rps?

    It's honestly best to pass them up unless as noted by Onmyoji. I concur with most of what they say. Having a class for the sake of having a class is normally a bad thing as I've found over the years more rp'ers are reactive than proactive. In addition to what was said by Onmyoji, I in my...
  4. RedArmyShogun

    Viewpoint "I don't get it." What's an RP Fandom/Theme/Idea you could never understand?

    Uh, Echo'ing the sentiments on IRL people. Don't want me in your RP? Just make the setting IRL people. There was one RP on here that had the anime tag, was based on an anime even and named it, then I click the CS thread and lo-and-behold, IRL faceclaim CS's, I nope'd to that thread and marked...
  5. RedArmyShogun

    Advice/Help How do you store and keep track of your OCs?

    I don't keep track of them. In all my years of rp'ing I've reused the same sheet maybe two or three times, images are another matter, but I tend to make a new OC and never reuse them if I can help it.
  6. RedArmyShogun

    Other Tell me you're a roleplayer without telling me you're a roleplayer

    I have 2k images saved to my pc and a hosting site and all of them (the galleries) are titled RP stuff 1, 2, 3, 4 of 500 images each and are potential FC's.
  7. RedArmyShogun

    Viewpoint What age did you start roleplaying and why? (Elaborate)

    I was in my upper teens back in 2001, broke my left wrist in 7 places on a skateboard, took an interest in an anime forum and seen these people using a subforum to RP in. I was like this looks fun and made up an OC that was a power armored super soldier. My posts were huge run on sentences, my...
  8. RedArmyShogun

    Advice/Help What gives you the courage to share your writing to the public?

    I've honestly been rp'ing publicly for off and on for nearly two decades. The only way you could RP on forums back then and for many years was to do so openly in a public forum and you couldn't even post images without taking up a lot of bandwidth. My writing and the layout of those posts were...