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    Fantasy Birchwood (Creature town) (CS)

    Name: Khoriod Hapsbrincer Age: 129 years (~35 in human years) Gender: Male Sexuality: Hetero Human/Creature type: Wyvern Likes: Books, old styles, anything related to science or philosophy, bragging, any kind of nature, rivers Dislikes: Selfishness, wrong arguments, crowds, cars, cold weather...
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    Fantasy Welcome to Birchwood(Creature town)

    This seems interesting!
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    Fantasy {Home Sweet Home}

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    Fantasy {Home Sweet Home}

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    Futuristic In The Wake Of Empire - Lurking Daggers In Hegemony's Shadow (Military SciFi)

    Hey... Unfortunately, I won't be able to participate in this rp.
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    Fantasy {Home Sweet Home}

    Iason D. Montauc Iason clenched his fists in fear. Not only for his own life but for the lives of others. For a moment he contemplated if this all was a good idea or not. He looked at Miles, who looked back at him with a glimpse of respect. That sent cold shivers down his entire body. The...
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    Fantasy {Home Sweet Home}

    Iason D. Montauc Iason tried his best to not get hazed or weakened by the stressful situation. As he did so, he noticed more and more people heading full speed towards the house. But not him. He set out to help Miles and Alexander with whatever plan they'd come up with. But as he slowly started...
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    Fantasy {Home Sweet Home}

    Iason D. Montauc Everybody's attention was drawn towards something happening in the field nearby. And Iasons soon followed. He almost jumped on the spot as he noticed the three figures and the mist. He squinted his eyes to observe the situation better and noticed a woman in the grip of one of...
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    Fantasy {Home Sweet Home}

    Iason D. Montauc What a dumb question he thought and was about to divert his attention somewhere else when to his surprise, a man walked up to him and answered the question. "True..." the word trailed off as their attention was drawn towards another demigoddess shooting her bow. The man...
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    Fantasy {Home Sweet Home}

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    Fantasy Misfits RP [Villians/Heroes/ Those in between -Closed ATM]

    Ooh! I'd certainly be interested in the New Yorker #1 role as a villain!
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    Fantasy Home Sweet Home {Closed/Full}

    Ello! I'd be interested in tacking the Hades part
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    Multiple Settings Village roleplaying

    I'd be interested! But in what time period does this rp take place?
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    Futuristic 〘POLARIS.〙〣 Interest Check

    Sounds interesting!
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    Futuristic Left To Rot (Main Thread)

    Just as the mercenaries were about to enter the Hex, OAn gave a reply: "Unfortunately no, sir. No unusual signals were received during the docking procedure." A pause and the robot continued with a slight British accent, "I'm almost done with the preparations on the shuttle and will be joining...
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    Futuristic Left To Rot (OOC)

    I was waiting for others to reply. Didn't want to push it
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    Futuristic Left To Rot (Main Thread)

    OAn spoke through the speakers again with a less joking voice. "Alright, everyone, we are going to make a deceleration burn and a few minor correction burns to get this shuttle to the Hex. Please stay seated, hold onto something and don't move until you hear the second beep. I would also...
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    Futuristic Left To Rot (OOC)

    Do we wait for @Knight boi, or do I proceed with the docking?