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  1. Yami Tempest

    Multiple Settings Horror, sci-fi, and romance: the ultimate combination (original scenarios and fandoms)

    Heya! The name's Yami, 16 y/o horror, sci-fi, and dark romance enthusiast. I'm looking for someone who shares these interests and would like to do a wonderfully suspenseful and grotesque roleplay in those genres! Some guidelines; I'd prefer a partner who will reply multiple times a day, with...
  2. Yami Tempest

    Multiple Settings Magic, fluff, and angst galore! Fandoms + originals

    Are you a fan of stories that appear cute at first but take a very dark turn? Love drama and heavily emotional moments mixed in with cute romance and fluffy scenes? You've come to the right place! Some ground rules; There will be dark themes, within the confines of RPN's rules. You must make...
  3. Yami Tempest

    Fandom Welcome to Disboard! No Game No Life (OCs welcome) (CC x OC) (OC x OC)

    Long intro lol Hiya! The names Yami, and to celebrate my birthday this week I decided to revisit an old and dear fandom: No Game No Life! In a couple days from posting this I will finally be 16! That being said, I'd prefer to rp with people around my age, though as long as we get along I have...
  4. Yami Tempest

    Fandom UPDATED 8/15/22! Seriously y'all I'm desperate Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (fluff) (angst) (cc x cc, cc x oc)

    Long story short I've got a couple Danganronpa ideas I want to use in a super dramatic angst-ridden rp. I am willing/able to play for you; Junko Enoshima Toko Fukawa Genocider Syo/Jill Makoto Naegi Chihiro Fujisaki (would take some convincing) Asahina Aoi (side character only) I would like you...
  5. Yami Tempest

    Looking for A system needing people with similar interests (or other systems) to chat with. (Danganronpa fans especially)

    Hiya people, it's Yami and I'm getting way tired of never being able to keep friends. One of these stupidly countless alters will meet someone under the guise of being a singular person and like never talk to them again cos someone else switches in and they grow distant. It's dumb, it's...
  6. Yami Tempest

    Multiple Settings Open! >>Craving Danganronpa!<< (fandoms)(canon x oc, oc x oc)

    Why hello there lovely person who's clicked on our thread, hope you're having a great day/night and you find what you're looking for with one of the Spirit System's members :) ~Sci-chan Withhold questions for fear of being awkward, appearing to be prying, etc Use heavy sarcasm without some...