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  1. strmct

    Digital various OC/fandom doodles!

    I currently don't have a place to post any human/fandom art since my social media accounts favor anthro/furry art right now, so I thought I'd share some of my doodles here!! I'm mostly feeling my MHA fan characters/pairings so expect a lot of that here for now! I don't take...
  2. strmct

    Multiple Settings Artist Looking for some Inspiration! (BNHA, Fallout, Original Plots!)

    Howdy there! My name is Pony, I’m a 25+ year old freelance artist in the CST. I’m basically always looking for new partners to RP with because it helps so greatly with my creative process. Nothing makes me want to draw & improve my skills more than a good roleplay. I will provide a link to my...