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  1. VargasLagola

    Realistic or Modern The Crown

    John Parker Overview LocationThe Hideout Date16th of April, 1942 Time07:27 The muffled sound of rain and thunder could be heard echoing throughout the cold and grey abandoned tunnel. Hundreds of men and women of The Crown was eagerly waiting in the hall, if you could even call it a hall...
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    Realistic or Modern The Crown Character Sheets

    Name: (Full Name) Nicknames: (Optional) Preferred Name: (Optional) Gender: (Any) Ethnicity: (Any) Age: (20+) Date of Birth: (Make Sure It’s Correct) Place of Birth: (Any) Bio: (300-500 Words) Personality: (Traits) Likes: (Five Things) Dislikes: (Three Things) Fears: (Two Things) Family...
  3. VargasLagola

    Realistic or Modern ~ 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐂𝐑𝐎𝐖𝐍 ~

    This roleplay will contain strong language, violence, blood/gore, potential minor sexual content, alcohol/drugs, politics and other adult themes. All of this will of course be within the rules of Roleplaynation. If you're easily offended by any of the above I highly suggest you to not join this...
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    Realistic or Modern DELETE

  5. VargasLagola

    Advice/Help Interest-Check For Co-Creators?

    Hey! I was just wondering if there's somewhere one could make like an "Interest-Check For Co-Creator"? I have this roleplay idea but I feel like I would need help creating it. Like a co-creator/co-gm kind of deal? Thanks in advance! =)
  6. VargasLagola

    Advice/Help Does the Location of a Roleplay Matter?

    Hey! I'm thinking of creating a communal/slice-of-life roleplay where twelve young adults live together. (That's not all there is too it of course, but it's all you need to know for now, haha!) Here's my problem, I'd really like the roleplay to take place in Stockholm, Sweden but I'm not sure...
  7. VargasLagola

    Suggestion (IDEA) Thread Music

    I just got this idea, I know it most likely is not possible but it would be so cool. Imagine you're scrolling through interest checks, trying to find a fitting roleplay for your desires. Then out of nowhere, there it is, the one you've been seeking for. (For example I'm going to use a roleplay...
  8. VargasLagola

    Advice/Help Nazi-Occupied Britain Roleplay (Plot Help)

    Hello fellow roleplayers of RPN! I'm in a bit of a struggle... I'm currently in the making of an Alternate Timeline-World War 2-Britain Has Been Occupied by Nazi Germany roleplay. I've got all of the history written down from an old documentary called Hitler's Britain where I explain the...