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  1. SunshineStark

    Fandom Au revoir 2021 ヽ(•‿•)ノ Fandom & Original, OnexOne Search

    I’d be interested in a supernatural RP. I have some experience playing Dean. If you could double as Sam for my OC it would be much appreciated. Send me a PM if you’re still interested.
  2. SunshineStark

    Fandom Long Term Roleplay Search

    I'd be interested in a Marvel RP. I can play either Steve or Tony.
  3. SunshineStark

    Fandom Welcome to Hogwarts

    Hey I’d be interested! Send me a PM if you want and we can plot and figure some stuff out!
  4. SunshineStark

    Fandom Seeking roleplay partner(s) (Fandoms)

    I’d be interested in a Harry Potter RP.
  5. SunshineStark

    Fandom looking for more rp partners 2022 *Updated*

    I’m interested in a supernatural RP! Let me know if you’re still interested!
  6. SunshineStark

    Fandom AU Interest check! (Lots of fandoms!)

    Hey I’d be totally down for a supernatural doubling RP in an AU! I can play Dean no problem if you don’t mind playing Sam for my OC. Message me if you’re interested!
  7. SunshineStark

    Fandom Looking for long term Rp {1x1}

    I’d be down for a Harry Potter RP. I can play Remus if you wouldn’t mind playing Sirius for me.
  8. SunshineStark

    Fandom Looking for Long term Partner! (Always open!)

    I can play Dean for you if you're still looking for a supernatural RP
  9. SunshineStark

    Fandom Fandom, 1x1, doubling up fandom rp’s!

    If you're interested in an MCU rp still I'd be down. I'm comfortable with playing a few different canon characters and I'm flexible with who you could play for me.
  10. SunshineStark

    Fandom Seeking some new partners

    I would love to do a supernatural RP. I can play Dean for you if you can play Sam for me.
  11. SunshineStark

    Fandom Looking for fandom partners (canonxoc)

    I’d be down for that! Shoot me a PM
  12. SunshineStark

    Fandom Oc x CC?

    I’d be up for a supernatural RP!
  13. SunshineStark

    Fandom Looking for fandom partners (canonxoc)

    Awesome! Shoot me a PM and we can start plotting!
  14. SunshineStark

    Fandom Let’s go! (MCU CRAVING)

    If you’re still looking for Marvel I could play Steve for you if you play Bucky or Tony for me! I’d also be down for Supernatural or OHSHC if you’d prefer to do one of those!
  15. SunshineStark

    Fandom Looking for fandom partners (canonxoc)

    Hey everyone! Sorry for no formatting, I mostly work from my phone and iPad where formatting is more trouble than it’s worth. About me! I’ve been RPing for about… 12 years on and off. I’d like to say I’m semi literate, but what that means to be is 2-6 paragraphs. I’m not picky about the length...
  16. SunshineStark

    Fandom 1x1

    If you mean fire emblem 3 houses I’m down!