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  1. kaninchen

    Fantasy into the dreamworld ⋆ ˚。⋆˚。・:*:・゚

    name content if you change the fonts. change them up here too photo code below * the name * can remove the blend mode effect below at the end * Spring in Wakubetsu had always been one of towering cherry blossoms, restless students ready to leave school, curious tourists prowling...
  2. kaninchen

    Fantasy into the dreamworld *:・゚✧ ooc

    this is the temporary ooc for into the dreamworld! if you have any questions or concerns feel free to let me know :) you can call me juniper, birdie, kaninchen. i look forward to seeing what you all have in store!
  3. kaninchen

    Fantasy into the dreamworld *:・゚✧ character sheets

    titles note into the dreamworld first photo box first text box the plotIn the half-asleep city of Wakubetsu, a mysterious woman granted middle schoolers one wish in return for their service as a magical girl. Some wished for money or popularity and received enough to last them a...
  4. kaninchen

    Fantasy into the dreamworld *:・゚✧ lore

    titles note dreams are for little girls. . . first photo box first text box the illusion appearsITo most, the illusion appeared as they were alone. In alleyways or convenience stores in broad daylight, dressed like anyone else in the city. But what stood out was the full bouquet of...
  5. kaninchen

    Fantasy into the dreamworld *:・゚✧ a darker magical girl roleplay {accepting}

    titles note body text **title is below into the dreamworld. large box and first link ahead ** first link CS 2nd link below ** second link LORE 3rd link below **third link OOC main content box the premise **put your plot or concept hereIn the half-asleep city of Wakubetsu, a...
  6. kaninchen

    Closed Issue with flex + curious about position absolute

    Hello, I've hit a wall with my latest project and need some guidance. This is my issue: this photo and its container will not grow to fill the screen on a phone. It stays at its designated width as it if were on desktop. Here is the photo and container in question: The code itself is below >>...
  7. kaninchen

    Help issue with box alignment

    I've been coding something and these two boxes have me absolutely stuck. I isolated them from their parent because I considered that maybe the flex was messing it up, but the problem persists. On CSS forums and whatnot, I can't find a very useful solution. Firstly, I cannot make them sit side by...
  8. kaninchen

    Resource [kaninchen's kreations] workshop/freebies

    *text goes below here Hey! I am super new to BBcode so in this thread I'm going to document some experiments and codes of mine. They're totally free to use and mess around with, just leave credit please. As well, I plan to make all of my codes mobile friendly, as I use my phone a lot and I...
  9. kaninchen

    Help Hidden Scroll on Mobile Clips Text on Right

    Hey, me again (I know, goodness gracious trust me) but I need some guidance on an issue I'm facing. When looking into this issue on the CSS side to translate over to BBcode, I only find solutions for the text at the very bottom being cut and not on the right. My issue is this: everything looks...
  10. kaninchen

    Help Elements Overflowing?

    Hey, I'm in need of some help. I have contained the three photos and "buttons" in their own container, but when I go to place another container beside them, it instead positions itself below the parent element, totally away from it? I want it all contained within the outermost box. They're not...
  11. kaninchen

    Help Struggling with Mobile Friendly

    Yup, it's me again 😭 It's a little embarassing I'm asking for help again but I am persistent! I have been tinkering around with this for a while (trial and error with flex, etc. but nothing I change fixes it) but can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. This is what it looks like on my phone: I...
  12. kaninchen

    Help Putting an image in a box

    I know this is super simple, but I cannot manage to do this. I'm trying to teach myself by just jumping into it but I'm stumped. Below is basically what I'm trying to do. I want to align a photo to the left of a box and have it touch all three sides. I might be confused with my layering, so I'm...
  13. kaninchen

    Advice/Help Implementing Horror Tropes

    I'm a huge fan of horror. All of it, and nearly all the tropes, but especially the final girl. But I struggle to think about how you could implement something like that in an RP, you know, without everyone dying? My main train of thought was establishing a classic horror setting: summer camp...