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  1. Fae13

    Fandom mxm Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation rp anyone? 1v1

    Anyone wanna rp this with me? I'm looking more for that Wei tries to prank Lan Zhan only for it to kick him in the butt type of thing! Willing to play either of the main two characters while they just do random stuff and nighthunts the like
  2. Fae13

    Fantasy Looking for rp group

    hey guys! So I'm looking for a group of players to help me rp this idea I've had for a while. The Basic concept would be that the Major Arcana's from Tarot cards are starting to die off unexpectedly in their worlds, so they seek out help from their chosen personification/person in the real...
  3. Fae13


    Hello all! I liked being called Bay! I randomly stumbled across this site while trying to find a place to rp, I've been forum rping for a little over 5 or so years... I hope to be able to have lots of fun and make a lot of awesome sotires/RPs together!