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  1. June Verles

    Re: Gaia Main Thread

    Location Unknown One lesson everyone must learn is that all you have come to know will come to an end. It doesn't matter wherever you come to terms with it. Luckily an ending doesn't mean everything is over, it might just be the necessary evil for a new beginning, which seemed to be the case...
  2. June Verles

    Dice Re: Gaia QnA archive.

    What it says on the tin, questions answered and archived for people to look at later.
  3. June Verles

    Dice Re:Gaia Character Sheet

    BASIC INFORMATION Name: (Their true name.) Aliases: (Other names, titles, nicknames, and aliases.) Age: (Biological age. How long have you been there?) Gender: (Describe physical/mental gender.) Race: (Generally, only human. Ask for anything else.) PERSONAL Sexuality: (Ships gotta sail, then...
  4. June Verles

    Re:Gaia - Neolithic Isekai DnD Campaign.

    Re:Gaia Starting your new life in Neolithic Times... Gaia Have you ever despised your current life in the modern world? Ever wondered what it might be like trying to survive in an actual jungle instead of the concrete Jungle? Do you want to kickstart civilization by your own hand but also...
  5. June Verles

    Fandom Millennium City: New Beginnings.

    Who knew who you were in your previous life, but for some reason, one day a certain event made you close your eyes, only to open them and appear in an unfamiliar environment. Looking around you all you could see would be stretched until the edge of the horizon would be bland, uninteresting...
  6. June Verles

    Fandom Character Archive

    As this is a fandom roleplay you are allowed to play whatever character you wish. However, depending on how powerful they are I'll talk to you and appropriately figure out a good way so that everyone has a basic starting off point. Pic: Character Name: Canon: [What fictional universe do they...
  7. June Verles

    Fandom Millennium City Interest Thread.

    Let me preface this by saying this. This RP, setting, idea, concept, whatever you want to call it has been done and redone so much over the years. This RP in some way or another took part of my life from the start of my teenage years to the beginning of my legal adulthood, which is a lot for RPs...
  8. June Verles

    Nation Building Character

    Name: Alimah Easifat Ramalia (Sandstorm) Titles/Ranks: The best caravan raider in all the land Nicknames: Dancing sandstorm Age: 25 Gender: Female Species: She can be your demon, Occupation: Refer to the title Wealth Status: She doesn't have much wealth overall in terms of assets...
  9. June Verles

    Nation Building Character

    Name: Sora Makato Titles/Ranks: Secret Division Captain of the air corps, Kuge Sora Makoto Age: 30 Gender: Male Species: Human Occupation: Special Division Captain of the air corps Wealth Status: About what an average noble would have Nation: Sora Empire Appearance: Makoto has been...
  10. June Verles

    Good evening.

    Dear whoever is reading this, Hello there, I am the normal dude, the most normalest of all the dudes. While at first my extreme averageness in the way I present myself may make you feel a bit weird, don't worry this is perfectly normal behaviour for a normal dude, such as myself. Some of you...
  11. June Verles


    Name: Valahir Aldunkbercke Gender: Male Race: Draconian Appearance: Human:         dragon: Sympathy to (Draconians or Humans):Draconians Bio:Hes a relatively old draconian for his looks, he also completely despises humans for what they have done to him, born as white dragon...
  12. June Verles

    Valahir the elf

    Quote: "So how do you put diapers on a baby slime?" Name: Valahir Rivendale Age: 15 Gender:Male Species:Lesser Elf Appearance: Personality:Hes a clumsy and forgetful fellow, hes does try his best and he tries to kind and understanding but he fails because of hes natural...
  13. June Verles

    You see a wild new dude

    Hey there im just your average neighborhood guy who would like some company in boring times, Are you able to provide me this thing that i require?